Oh Honey, Momma Wants a Motorcycle Cop

Oh Honey, Momma Wants a Motorcycle CopThere are a lot of bikers in my group of friends, I love them, they are fantastic and wonderful people. However, I am attracted to NONE of them. I went out of my way to go to Port Dover for one of the Friday the 13th parties. I was expecting (and planning) to find a hot biker guy so I can FINALLY fit in with my group. Out of the 150 thousand bikers there, the only guys I thought were attractive were security guards.

Until today, I found the best of both worlds, I have my sexy uniformed police man, and he’s riding a sexy Harley.

He’s no loser. He’s employed, he’s helping people, and DAMMIT, he’s giving me a ticket!!!!!!


7 thoughts on “Oh Honey, Momma Wants a Motorcycle Cop

  1. Okay, do this: stalk him until you’re sure he’s working that beat again, approach him on his break (stake out a Starbucks, it’s like cop fly paper), and hand him a flier for an upcoming motorcycle race/show/event and tell him you’ll be wearing a bright pink tank top. Give him plenty of time to watch you walk away to your bike and peel out of the parking lot. Wear tight jeans.

    Good luck.

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