Tall, Dark and Homeless

Tall, Dark and HomelessWhat’s your type? Tall, dark and handsome? Not me, I like them unwashed, unemployed and unable to keep a roof over his head. Well, I do, according to the parade of losers lined up at my door.

Breaking the cycle is hard.

Do I start trolling car lots to flirt with the metrosexual car salesman? Nope. He’s wearing more product than me.

Do I start following the parades around town looking for cute band geeks? Maybe.

Do I go to juice bars and look for a cute bicyclist? Nope, his super tight bike shorts leave nothing to the imagination.

Oh look!!! My car is broken down in front of the shelter!!! Come at me boys!!!!!


8 thoughts on “Tall, Dark and Homeless

  1. I agree… It’s extremely tough to break the cycle. I think what helped me break the cycle was giving up on men completely and really focusing on myself (easier said than done.) I loved being single, I must say, but along came a man unlike the others and – long story short – we’re happily married now. (Which says a lot for him, because I was not easy to pursue!) No one is more suprised by that than me, I tell ya!

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  2. The funny part is those boys can fix your broken car, where as the Salesman will just talk a fine talk and the band Geeks wont hurt their hands, the cyclist will be too proud and you will have to fix it yourself!! All about destiny…LMAO…XOXOXO

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