What? You Think I’m Marriage Material?

What You Think I'm Marriage MaterialYou can tell if you’re marriage material by how you prepare for a date. If you clean the house, make a great dinner and bake cookies, you’re marriage material.

If you shower and shave, then sit meditating and relaxing, you may not be marriage material.

In my case, the guy is lucky if I get up and answer the door.

Breaking the cycle is hard.

I can make the cookies, but I won’t want to share them. I can make the great dinner, but it sounds like too much work. And truly, if you’re expecting me to clean my house just because you’re showing up, you’re going to be disappointed. I’m not marriage material.

I could try and change.
I likely won’t.

Are you marriage material?


25 thoughts on “What? You Think I’m Marriage Material?

  1. I will forever contend that with the right woman I’d be totally content to live in hopeless poverty and abject squalor. If the 3-second rule applies to your kitchen counter as well as the floor, who’s business is it to judge you on it? and if they do, are they even worth knowing? just about anyone else could see your life has merit in spite of your faults.

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  2. If doing the things you listed above makes me marriage material then I guess I need a membership card. I’m not sure doing them comes so much from being “marriage material” as it does from being neurotic.

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  4. Nope I’m not marriage material, I went on an internet date recently you know the one that ends good friends, we had a lovely date and she was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life but the experience was pretty stressful πŸ™‚

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  5. I’m trying to over-analyze this. I need more data. I’m thinking oral hygiene is worth a mention. Halitosis is Not Marriage Material. How do you feel about gambling and drinking? There is a house in New Orleans that is said to be frequented by Not Marriage Material. Oh, and I just found out today that Ebola persists in male semen for about nine months. I would advise your readers to invest in one of those background investigation websites. The good ones should have a result called Not Marriage Material. May I suggest a follow up post on Not Divorce Material? It’s the bookend writing strategy, ya know? And isn’t that what “unmarried” should mean anyway? It’s up to you. Anyway, you can ignore me and I’ll go away. Now that’s Marriage Material!

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