Lady Gaga Has Nothing On Me

Lady Gaga Has Nothing On MeSo I was thinking, Lady Gaga had a good idea with her meat dress. I’m sure she had wolves chasing her all over town. Good for her.

Solution: bacon lingerie

Edible panties are great but who needs that much sugar? I could weave up a quick pair of bacon panties with almost no effort. A bacon bra, done. Bacon garter belt is child’s play.

Eat your way to adulthood obesity.

Now fellas, get started on that bacon tuxedo!!!


12 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Has Nothing On Me

  1. Is it regular or Canadian bacon or is available in either
    What do you guys call Canadian bacon ? it would seem weird to call it Canadian bacon in Canada.
    Is French bread French bread in France or is it just bread?
    What about Russian dressing in russia
    Is American cheese called American cheese in America? And why is it called cheese I don’t think it technically is.
    I know once I was eating an English muffin and my friend from Ireland was over and he had never seen them before and was curious as to what I was eating.


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