Vegas Baby!!

Vegas BabyI would say that love is for the young and I believe that sometimes. Just sometimes, other times I look around and see very very attractive men. They have friends, so they are obviously good people, I could see many of them being loveable. I could bite one.

It is said that it takes two to four years to know someone well enough for a successful marriage. Yet I’m seeing people marry strangers and keep a smile on their faces. Ya, sex is temporary!! Will the smiles still be there next year? Let’s watch, shall we?

I’m betting nope, these fly by night marriages are exactly that, temporary fun.

What happens in Vegas should really, really stay in Vegas.

Vegas baby!!!


4 thoughts on “Vegas Baby!!

  1. I met my husband on the Internet. We both lived in Vegas at the time. Within 6 months we were married and expecting. We even went through the drive-thru to produce said marriage. Now almost 7 years later and 2 more kids we have had our good days and bad but I’m still crazy in love with him and everyday is another day spent with my best friend. 😀 we are one of the lucky ones 🍀

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