How Do You Like Me Now?

How Do You Like Me NowSo where do you want to be in the priority list of YOUR boyfriend…

First? Well, sorry, you can’t be first.. he has a job, right?

Second? Well, sorry, you can’t be second, he has a mother, right?

Third? Well, sorry, nope, can’t be third either, he has a father too.

How about fourth? Does fourth suit you? Well, that sure sucks, he has children (they always come first.)

Fifth is his motorcycle or car.

Sixth is his buddies

You are now seventh on the priority list of the most important man in your life… how do you like me now?

Isn’t that fantastic? The person you may plan to have children with one day, considers you the seventh most important person in his life. The man who you love. The man who means everything. You are number seven!!

This has always bothered me. It’s true though, the older you get, the less important you are to your boyfriend. Then again, I have had really really terrible boyfriends..

Admittedly, you may still be getting a bargain with this fella. He may be the most amazing guy in the world.

Test: if you can call your man at work, tell him you have a problem and he closes his office door and listens to every word, offers you wonderful advice with a sweet I love you at the end; you are so lucky. Keep him and love him, you’re doing great.

Can I get a hell ya!!!!!


13 thoughts on “How Do You Like Me Now?

  1. The woman a man marries should come before anyone, even his mother.
    Even his mother should know this.

    You put your family first and when you get married you are the person he chose to make a family with, you will be there long after his mother is gone.

    I totally agree with kboogs79.
    I have been lucky, I have never had to fight for top spot.

    Thanks for the good reads:)

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  3. I am single too. My children’s father also let me come last and set his parents and in particular, his mother at the very top. I never felt I was good enough for him. So now as a single, I am looking for a man who is not putting his mother on a pedestal. I am afraid, though, a lot of sons do, just as you say.

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