Oh How I Love Cufflinks

Oh How I Love CufflinksI have a cufflink fetish? Cufflinks are classy, cufflinks are sexy, cufflinks make the man. A man wearing a white shirt, tie and black suit jacket is the most handsome thing I could see. Can I please watch him take his jacket on and off all day? That would make me quite happy. Don’t forget the expensive cologne too please!

There are a hundred thousand sexy, suited up gentlemen in my area. They are smelling great everywhere I go. Unfortunately for me, these guys are the most boring individuals I could meet. Do I want to talk about your stocks and bonds? Do I want to hear about the court case that you just won? Do I want to hear about how your Mercedes needs an oil change? Not really. No, not at all.

Lucky for me, there are also a hundred thousand mechanics in my area. Sexier than cologne is the smell of motor oil and brake fluid. Sexier than a suit is a greasy mechanics uniform. Sexier than the soft hands of a lawyer are the dirty, callused hands of a mechanic.

Oh dear, did my car break down again? I should really stop pulling out those pesky spark plugs.


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