Why Lie About Your Age?

Why Lie About Your AgeYes, I do look old for 36, don’t I? The best way to avoid “that look” when you tell people your age is to tell the truth. I’m 46 years old, with a 25 year old son. How can I lie about my age? Ok, yes I am 40 and was 14 when my son was born. That’s awesome!! Or I could start lying about my kid’s age? So now everyone’s age is fabricated! (I have a book to keep track of all the lies.)

That is much better than just admitting, yes, I’m 46. I am forty freaking six.

Another easy way to avoid having to carry “The Book of Bullsh*t” is to not date guys who are hoping you’re still thirty! There are plenty of single guys in our age group, and not all of them are bitter due to their crazy ex wives, some, not all.

Most importantly. Imagine waking up beside your new boyfriend. Comfy right? What does he think about you lying about your age? Cause, honey, I look five years older when I wake up, I don’t know about you.

Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. (Unless he asks how many guys you’ve slept with, always lie about that!!!)

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21 thoughts on “Why Lie About Your Age?

  1. So, as I aged I conned to read the highly intellectual digests such as US Magazine and InStyle. However, I noticed that actresses that were once older than myself, are now my age or younger. Who do they think they are kidding? We have you aging on celluloid and can look up back articles now online! Do onto others, I do not want to have a man lie to me about his age, it is what it is. Good advice.

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  2. Smart women add years onto their age. “You look GREAT for 60!” Heh. Only kidding. I never understood lying about your age. Anyone you date seriously is likely to find out at some point anyway. Though I know so many people (men included) who have lied and then once they hooked the partner in for keeps, ‘fessed up.

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  3. My grandmother used to tell my mom she was foolish to lie about her age. Actually she suggested adding five years, because then everyone looks at you and thinks “damn she looks great for her age!” πŸ˜‚

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  4. Why lie about your age when you can just act like you’re 12 it works for me. πŸ™ƒ
    The will know that you’re young at heart no matter what your age.
    And clearly anyone who would stand with a sign asking if people want to feel your melons or whatever it was you’re still young at heart


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