Oh Those Irksome Kegels

Are you doing your Kegels? Not me, for twenty years, I’ve just done one long kegel. The best part of starting these exercises in your twenties, is that by forty you’d think everything would be working..

Guess what? I can’t sneeze or cough or yawn without peeing my pants. So what was the point of the one long kegel? No one knows.

So now, instead of tightening my vagina, I’m going to spend the next twenty years tightening my chicken neck.

I just need a cute name for the exercise and I’m all set.

How about Negels?


8 thoughts on “Oh Those Irksome Kegels

  1. Women obsess about every bodily imperfection. Meanwhile, I cannot even get my husband to do a frigg’n push up. My husband we just discussing last night how Men become more attractive as they age, whereas every man wants to date a young hottie. My husband’s reply was that he is not going to lie and say that sexual curiosity or interest in variety does not exist, and he even wishes he could turn it off, but to engage in an affair would just be too risky and he never wants to actually have a relationship with some new woman. :/

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      • Skinny and single
        You talk a lot about dating musicians guitar players in particular perhaps when you’re discussing your relationship and you bring up monogamy there miss hearing you and think you’re saying mahogany and they’re all like yeah yeah I love monogamy because every guitarist knows that the best guitars are made of mahogany 🎸🎻 so that’s probably where the confusion comes in
        You’re talking about sexual monogamy and they’re talking about the Brazilian hardwood mahogany.🎸🎸🎸🎻🎻🎻 Maybe I’m wrong but it seems highly plausible.

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  2. See I think that’s a stereotype because I find women that are around my age to be as beautiful as women were when we were a teen I couldn’t imagine dating an 18-year-old now they just don’t appeal to me I want to be able to have a conversation where I don’t have to explain cultural references or everything for that matter
    For me the brain is the sexiest part of a woman. Then her smile and her hair and eyes
    I’m not saying that younger people are stupid or ugly just not attractive to me do to lack of life experience
    If man are like cheese then
    I think women are like wine and there they’re better with age
    Sure don’t give me wrong like wine sometimes they go bad but just like cheese

    I think it’s just a stereotype that hollyweird forces onto us.
    Infact I prefer women to be older than me not like a lot older just a little bit like 3-5 years
    But maybe I’m just weird
    But i bet if guys are honest they will agree with me
    But I’m not sure I know very many honest people


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