Guys Seeing You Naked!!!

Does everyone feel sick now? This has caused me serious anxiety since I was fifteen years old. I’ve been skinny. I’ve been chubby, I’ve been muscular, I’ve truly been all sizes, the anxiety has never gone away.

I have stretch marks. I’ve had them for 25 years when my first son was born. And yes, I’d rather have beautiful children than a beautiful body, but damn, looking in a mirror is hard!

The easiest way to avoid the anxiety when a man is seeing you naked, is to make sure he already has feelings for you. Men have physical flaws too, many, many flaws. They have the same anxiety, they have the same fears, they may even have the same stretch marks! If you already have the feelings, neither of you will notice any shortcomings, especially that mole. That hideous, hair covered mole (it’s coming for you!!!!)

I had a guy say my stretch marks looked like fire, he thought that was pretty awesome, until I burned his house down. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Guys Seeing You Naked!!!

  1. That is so true when you love somebody you love them for all of their faults and all of their perfections that’s what makes them them
    Who would want it any other way
    Plus you can use the flames to keep warm on cold winter nights 🔥☃🌬❄️

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