Herpes, Schmerpes

Herpes, SchmerpesLooking for herpes? It’s as close as your next one night stand. Condoms will not protect you from this permanent and horrible disease.

People casually jump into bed with strangers every single day. It’s disgusting when you realize that you are sleeping with every person he or she has slept with. Who is this person? Who have they slept with? Maybe they’ve slept with the person you hate most in the world, or worse, maybe that yucky gas station attendant.

Have you learned anything about someone’s character when you meet them for the first time? It’s possible they are lying about the things they have said. Then what? You find out you just slept with the armed robbery guy? Yummy! Or, if you’re really lucky, all you’ve done is slept with the person who will forever obsess and stalk you. Sweet!

A one night stand with a stranger is not on my bucket list, I’m just not into it. What’s my name again? You know they’ve forgotten two minutes later, because to them, you were just a nothing. Not important, no one special at all. Maybe you feel the same about them, and that is what’s wrong with this world.

You should be with people that mean something to you. Once people mean nothing, you’ve lost your soul.


14 thoughts on “Herpes, Schmerpes

  1. I am a big time prude when it comes to this stuff. I’ll admit to a few one night stands in my early 20s but even those I could count on one hand. It probably helped that I was a straight girl at a women’s college and/or in a steady relationship for a large chunk of my younger years. Now that I’m single, older and I’d like to think, wiser, I just can’t see hopping in bed with someone I’m not in a monogamous relationship with. I have zero interest in it. Truth be told, I can’t remember the last time I had sex at all, which is kind of sad I suppose. In general, I think it’s true (in my experience anyway) that the more that women have sex, the more they want it, but when they’re not having it, it’s kind of “out of sight, out of mind”. Whereas for men when they don’t have it they want it all the time. Or maybe they want it all the time in either case? I was led to believe I’d be a sex-crazed nympho in my thirties (whereas men peak earlier) but that is not proving to be the case.

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  2. I agree that STD’s are generally not a trip to Disneyland, but I don’t think people that engage in sex outside of a “committed relationship or marriage are just soulless and don’t care about the other person. Sometimes I think people also just need to scratch an itch, sorry to say it, but I think some of us agree that sometimes you just need to get some, that is unless you are in a committed relationship— in that case go have sex with that person!

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  3. I agree with this. I don’t judge people who feel the need to go out and get with some random person, but it’s definitely not for me. Too many risks in not willing to take.

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  4. I could not have said that better!!! Thank you for ghost writing all of my thoughts and feelings and doing it from a woman’s perspective so no one will ever relize these are my thoughts!! But hiw do you seem to know all of my thoughts? Ok im freaked out now.

    Ok just kidding im not really freaking out but you seem to know me as well.

    Worried im getting close to the end of the road on these posts i have enjoyed this unexpected trip of self discovery.

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