Getting Old Is Number One On My Bucket List

Getting Old Is Number One On My Bucket ListIs it normal that I’m this terrified? Every single organ in your body can turn on you, destroy or kill you. I’m nowhere near the hypochondriac phase, but I smoke (potentially destroys your lungs and heart), I drink (potentially destroys your heart and liver) and cross the street (potentially destroys your skin and bones). I perform tasks every day that could cause injury, I wash knives, I boil water, I turn on the stove. I could burn my whole house down just by incorrectly making some French fries!

With all the potentially dangerous things that could happen, it’s a miracle that people get off the couch. You’re perfectly safe sitting on the couch all day, right? Well, once the laziness and subsequent obesity settle in, you’ve caused a new host of issues.

Are you suitably terrified yet? Terrific, I will see you jogging in the park tomorrow with your kelp smoothie, I’m getting another beer.


26 thoughts on “Getting Old Is Number One On My Bucket List

  1. I’m a police officer in a large, urban area, and I can attest to the fact that many many many more people die while jogging than they do while sitting on a bar stool. It’s astonishing how many people die while jogging, really. So I guess, don’t do that jogging of which you speak.

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  3. My issue with getting isn’t really about my body falling apart or encountering Sudden Death Syndrome. It’s more like a sadness at seeing people I grew up with (personally and not) growing older and drifting away, like leaves on an Autumn tree.

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  4. Ha ha. This won’t stop me from jogging in the park or sipping my kelp smoothie mind you, but I did enjoy your humor. As always, you have left me choking on your sarcasm — in a good way πŸ™‚

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  5. MMMm not sure about the Kelp…Kale maybe and yes red wine to go along with my bar stool…As for jogging , not healthy for me at all….Black eyes etal…I shall live to a ripe old age as medicine has advanced by leaps and bounds!! With of course Red wine and magic pills that are legal!! LOL…XOXOXOX….Terrified not at all….!!! Bring on old age!!

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