When Are You “Desperate”?

When Are You DesperateI remember meeting a fella several years back. Decent looking guy, smart, had nice hands. (That just means they weren’t sweaty). You could literally feel the waves of desperation from him. He wasn’t even single that long but I guess some of us aren’t happy alone.

So it’s my very first time talking to him, he asked me “well, what would your boyfriend suggest?”. (We were talking about food). He was obviously fishing to see if I had a boyfriend. It was one of the lamest things I’d ever heard and entirely unnecessary. Honesty not working for you? Bluntness can be fun!

Is it so wrong to ask someone if they are single? It’s really not that hard.

If you don’t ask and find out that he’s married, what then? Just put your balls on and ask!!

On another note, I have a new mechanic and my car hasn’t broken down in awhile.

Sigh, that was my move.

**slices her own tires



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