The Set Up

The Set UpWhat would you do if a friend suggested a set up? What if they said “wow, I have THE perfect guy”?

Then again, the last time I was set up with the “perfect guy”, it was hardly that. He expected me to have his kids (I’m 42 at the time). He suggested that I would be beaten to death by his family (he was Irish Catholic and I’m “Protestant”). He was a giant, long haired hippie and when I looked at his book collection, we only had two in common. So I didn’t see what was “so perfect for me”, not at all.

Before him, I was set up with a guy five years younger than me. This guy was NOT my type, he played guitar, he had children. He broke ALL of my rules.

I married him.

Always, always, always let a friend set you up. You may find the love of your life, or you may find the guy whose mother kills you in the driveway, either way, exciting!!!

Am I right?


6 thoughts on “The Set Up

  1. I don’t really see anything wrong with being set -up by a friend, provided that friend has the best intentions. If the friend knows or has known both parties for a while and thinks they’ll be a good match, I say go for it. Doesn’t always work out but the few times it does, it can be really great 🙂

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  2. Oh I can beat that craziness. Recently I’ve been set up with:
    A) a woman who showed up with a book of baby names so we could pick our children’s names.
    B) a woman who turned out to be trying to set me up with her daughter, and demanded she be there when I ‘inseminated’ her
    C) a gorgeous girl from Latvia who wanted to marry a man so she could stay in the country, even though that’s not how it works here in Canada….
    D) a woman who, when I picked her up, made no attempt to conceal she runs an illegal brothel out of her house
    E) a very nice girl from Azerbaijan, who was mortified when her parents demanded to accompany her on our date as I might be a rapist.

    The dating pool needs some chlorine.

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