My Amazing Sister

It’s my incredible sister’s birthday and I love her so much. Not only because I have to, but because of how truly amazing she is.

My sister is awesome, tireless, giving, warm and strong. She makes everyone around her feel at home and I’ve always been told that that is the definition of a true lady.

I’ve watched her go through terrible hardships and I watched her bury her new husband within days of their marriage. I’ve watched her pick herself up and dust herself off more times than I can count, and she always shines through her pain.

She shines.

She shines with a light that touches everyone around her and she is loved by all.

Happy birthday seester.

Hey meester, do you wanna buy my seester?

Well, too bad, she ain’t for sale.


21 thoughts on “My Amazing Sister

  1. Thank you my sister, I love you so much and am very proud of you for many things and that includes your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and humor and all the good stuff that goes with this crazy but wonderful write up xoxoxo

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  2. That girl’s definitely got the SHIIIIIIINE! Hands down as solid as they come! Happy Birthday to that little rip-tail snorter!! My departed Gramma’s old saying for the feisty, wild & free ones, (her favorite kind of people!) xo

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    • You don’t realize until after your parent are dead. They have known you longer than anyone. And my sis is four years older so she would remember lots (if her memory didn’t suck that is hahaha)


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