Dilemmas Dilemmas

Dilemmas DilemmasWell, well, I took a wee hiatus due to the WordPress upset of the other week. That really messed up my creative process as what’s the point? Is this the post that gets my blog deleted? This one? Maybe the one where I mention my lack of bust, or the one about strippers, who knows. While those with more controversial pages seem to have no worries about being deleted, I did. It upset me greatly.. this caused me to do a few stupid things as well.

So now I was forced to do something, not only with my creativity, but my anger as well. So let’s just go take all this out on my landlord, my as*hole of a landlord.

We have agreed that he hates me, and I’m not a big fan of his either… Personally I think it’s because he wants me, and knows he can’t have me. Hey, my friends laughed harder, come on now. Suffice it to say, I’ve received a pretty hateful eviction notice and subsequently have written to the owner of the building, but this is stupidly boring, let’s go back to the joy of my singlehood.

In my time away from WordPress, I’ve come to a few conclusions.

1. Being angry will not help, and causes wrinkles

2. If you’re so afraid of WordPress dumping your site, write your book instead.

3. Don’t let a website control your life. Unless it’s Twitter, because, come on, we’re all addicted to the Twitta.

4. My landlord thinks I have a great ass.

5. My hostility knows no bounds.

I look really cute when I’m angry, and we all know men just love a hostile and angry woman.

I’m back and better than ever.


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