Online Dating Is Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Online Dating Is Not Just For Breakfast AnymoreSo, I’ve been thinking of maybe joining an online dating site, which makes me laugh. I wouldn’t join because I can’t find guys on my own, I’m just not finding the right guys (this is’s commercial) teehee. I have had MANY online dating profiles over the years. Some were serious, in that I actually wanted to meet people, and some were just for fun. My personal favorite had a tagline that said “all you young hot studs make my toes curl”, but I was looking for attention more than a date. That was a really fun couple of days, I remember them fondly. As well, I created a profile only for inspiration for a book I was considering, and met many people that my character would turn into mincemeat. I’m not sure that it’s the best method, but I believe in statistics, isn’t that romantic?

I am more than aware that you need an extremely thick skin to do the online dating scene. Many of the guys on there are married, bored and lonely. Truly, I’m not looking for someone thinking he’s going to spice up his mundane marriage, it’s just not happening. Besides, I deserve the King of Kings, I deserve an awesome guy who wakes up every day thinking “this broad loves me, that’s incredible”, hopefully he likes coffee and bacon. Hook me up, mmmmmm.


29 thoughts on “Online Dating Is Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

  1. There’s a problem with online dating, at least in our state – our prison system has free internet for all of their prisoners. I wonder how many are on Be careful!
    Sometimes, statistics “do” lie, because people lie….

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  2. My favorite line in a guy’s online dating profile was that he was looking for someone who was “solvent and streetable.” Arrogant bastard. What was surprising to me was the number of men who lie about their age. But that’s in my demographic, not yours. 😉

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  3. oh girl…the stories I could tell on the men I’ve met from online dating sites. Did it for one month and that was enough. Hope you have a different experience! Although, if you’re a writer…LOTS of inspiration for comedic characters 😉

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  4. As a member of the LGBT community, I’ve found that online dating is almost the ONLY way to find a date short of hooking up with random people at pride events. It can be a TERRIBLE experience to be sure, but my partner and I actually met online through okcupid. Twice. Is it for everyone? No. But I’ve known MANY couples, heterosexual and not, who got their start through online dating venues.

    That being said, caution is key. Never give away too much information until after you’ve met in person a few times, and never meet anywhere the first few times that isn’t public.

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  5. It worked for me! Met my lovely gorgeous and loving Charlie Sunshine by keeping my feet on the ground. Married now 1 year in and absolutely in love!
    Met a few ladies before and in the whole no nasty surprises. My best tip was to be honest and that’s what I did from the outset. It certainly improved after date 1 who spent the majority of it texting her ex over childcare issues.

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  6. Online dating is the stupidest thing ever invented…oh wait…that’s right – I met my husband there. It’s hard to argue with success, but I find myself still trying.

    I joined as a dare from a friend who was constantly telling me all of his dating adventures from which strangely enough all ended the same way: “So, now she wants me.” (No she didn’t, but I took the dare anyway just for grins.)

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  7. Hi
    Great blog post. I have so many stories from online dating as used Match! You def have to be careful who you meet guys but after lots of frogs you may find a prince. Worked for me as I found my now husband 4 years ago on a dating site 🙂

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  8. Coffee and bacon…yes. The Man of mine loves both. Makes for a beautiful relationship. I’ve had luck online and also some fodder for fantastic stories. It can be fun, then when you get bored (or find someone good…) you can just stop!

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