Jealousy – Swing on This

Jealousy – Swing on ThisI am a very jealous person, a request for a three way will lead to a murder… or at the very least, a good beating. I never understood the groups of swingers entirely willing to just share their wives with filthy strangers they meet on the internet.

“Hey honey, I brought Charlie home tonight”

“Hey honey, I brought Frankie home tonight”

“Hey honey, I brought Steve home tonight”

This will never make sense to me, and truly, it’s really disturbing. Are you really that bored? Are you really unable to commit to one person (as you promised in your damned vows) for the rest of your life? I’m not quite sure what is in a person’s character that seeing their spouse with another person is a turn on. To each their own, I imagine, but if you are able to share the love of your life with another person, maybe they aren’t the love of your life at all.

Do not even think of touching the love of MY life (he no longer exists). I will hunt you down, and spank you, really hard, with a paddle.

However, the “love of my life” that doesn’t exist is allowed to do a great deal of things that many women do not allow their spouses to do.

1: dance with whomever you want, I’m likely not dancing, I’m busy outside on the patio having a cig.

2: talk to whomever you want, I am, I’m talking to Frankie about how his wife likes to screw random strangers.

3: need to hug a coworker? Please, hug them, there must be a reason, and the love of my life is a wonderful man.. (well probably, let’s find him first)

4: go ahead and go out with the boys, regularly, as often as you wish. I trust you, you are the love of my life.

5: watch porn, watch all the porn you want.

The things the “Love of my life” are not allowed to do, are very reasonable and understandable.

1: no tongue, do NOT stick your tongue in ANY woman’s mouth or do not come home. (yep, been there)

2: do not put your hands up someone else’s top during our wedding dinner. (yep, been here too)

3: do not ask me for a three way, orgy, key party, switcheroo, or any other thing you want to call it. (this was a very bad day)

4: sexual texting with random women you meet on the internet. (yes, my marriage truly sucked, didn’t it?)

5: buying gifts, dinners or treats. (don’t get me started)

In saying this, I also believe that a small amount of jealousy is healthy and shows passion for the person that you love. I want the man I love to get worried if he sees me talking to Frankie, and I want him to come looking for me if I’m gone for too long. I want him to show other men that I belong to him and to watch it, because he’s watching.

This is a comforting feeling, it shows people that they are loved, by one, one and only one. Isn’t that the goal?


23 thoughts on “Jealousy – Swing on This

  1. Extremely narrow viewpoint, tbh. Done right, swinging take a strong relationship to another level, making it even stronger, and bringing you ever closer. Closer than a strictly monogamous couple will ever know.

    Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. if it’s “disturbing” to you, perhaps you should spend more time asking questions and less time passing judgement on things you don’t know anything about.


  2. You like to post your opposing view on side that have a differing opinion, but don’t like a differing opinion on your site with an opposing view?

    How very narrow minded. I should have expected as much.


  3. I don’t agree that my “narrow minded” comment was an insult. IMO, your view is narrow minded, considering you imply that you’ve never tried swinging, but suggest that someone can’t consider someone the “love of their life” if they partake. That’s the very definition of narrow minded. It wasn’t meant to be an insult.

    The truth is most often the exact opposite. Couple that swing together are usually in a much stronger, and healthier relationship that people in monogamous relationships.

    There are a ton off different reasons for this, all of which have been studied and documented and extensively. But essentially, it comes down to communication. In general swinging couples are better at it than those in monogamous relationships. They are able to articulate and communicate their feelings of physical attraction, jealousy, turn ons, turn offs,… etc that monogamous often suppress, or hide.

    Swinging is the art is sharing physical attraction with your significant other, and completely eliminating jealousy from your relationship altogether. After all, why would your partner cheat on you behind your back, when they can possibly have the object of their attraction with you?

    Don’t get me wrong, not every swinging couple is perfect. Neither is every monogamous couple.

    My point is that couples that swing together very often have a stronger relationship than they would have had if they were monogamous . They are able to clearly distinguish between physical attraction and love, and they are able to share that physical attraction of others with their partner. And they are able to more easily identify and express their feelings. That’s got to be healthy, right?

    I hope you find the love of your life. And regardless of whether or you choose to be monogamous or to try swinging, I hope that you are able to see that non-monogamy can have a very positive affect on a relationship, and quite often makes it stronger than it would have been otherwise.

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      • or 3 or 4, sometimes more. The point is, we do it TOGETHER.

        It’s like going to an amusement park. We get in line for the biggest, baddest roller coaster at the place. We get in the long line to await our turn, and we’re excitedly talking about how big that first steep drop is. I hold her hand as I describe the butterflies in my stomach. The adrenaline rushes as she leans against me as she talks about all the other costers she’s ridden, and how this one might compare. I put my arm around her as I come up with 2 or 3 crazy poses we should do for the picture at the bottom of the big drop.

        We finally get our turn and step up to the roller coaster, front row seats, and strap ourselves in hurriedly. We hold hands the entire way, raising them above head fat the top of every hill, and screaming and howling with delight at the top of our lungs the entire way.

        After many twists, turns drops and loops, the ride comes to an end. We get off, together, and proceed to the exit, holding hands. We take turns describing our sheer ecstasy, reliving every moment, and every detail, over and over again. Together.

        That’s what swinging is like.

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    • What????…..”’ Couple that swing together are usually in a much stronger, and healthier relationship that people in monogamous relationships”’.????…that is the big BS thrown around by swingers when the reality says that most swinging couples, just like monogamous couples, FAIL!!!!…except the swingers do it in harmful, painful, spectacular fashion!…Also I noticed some common traits to a lot of swinging couples:
      both or one member of the couple has had only 1 sex partner before swinging, one or both are bi-sexual, one or both are into BDSM, male(or female) is underperforming in the bedroom or has very low libido…. anyway, I still believe in freedom of choice and wish all couples on the planet great success, the way they each define it. But, please stop the BS about swingers having stronger realationships, it may seem like that at first, but depending of the case, they end up messing up and separating because swinging is a very dangerous life style that requires communication and brutal honesty at a level that is very difficult to achieve and where eventually human nature causes frictions and painful situations that destroy the couple.

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  4. No, but I do love to write about topics I’m passionate about. I’m sure you can spot me in the forum that you posted the link to this article.

    I love to read, too. I don’t have time to go through all of the posts here, but if you point out one or two i might be interested in, you can point them out to me.

    BTW, back on topic, you say you’re not interested in swinging after you found the love of your life. What are your views on being with a very strong, in love couple that you know have no doubts or jealousy in their relationship?

    How would you feel about a couple sharing you? Spoiling you and showing you a good time? Maybe dinner, drinks, a little dancing? Kind of like a date except you get the attention of both?

    Not a proposition (yet), just wondering.

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  5. Your list of don’ts don’t sound like swinging or an open relationships, or exploring sexuality, they sound like deceit and cheating and sound awful! I’m sorry you went through that! Even when people have a more open nature to their sexual relationship they have boundaries. And trust is so important! I hope you find the love of your life too! And if you want monogamy then girl, you deserve it!

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