Found Love in a Hopeless Place – Cat Cafe

Found Love in a Hopeless Place – Cat CafeSo this weekend I headed over to the “Cat Café and Spa”, in hopes of meeting similar minded people who love the meow.

My cat and I sat at a great table by the window, the views were fabulous. The cat was thrilled to be there, you could really see the joy in his face.

The waitress came to take our order.

The “Cat” special for the day was Filet Mignon or a Salmon Fillet. (This special includes a half hour cat massage and a cat facial)

“Mr. Whiskers, do you want the Steak or Salmon?

Tap your paw once for steak, twice for salmon.

Ok, blink your eyes once for steak, twice for salmon.

Ok, turn your head left for steak, right for salmon.”

Clearly, the cat either doesn’t understand the waitress, or doesn’t care if he eats steak or salmon. We order the salmon, all the other cats eating salmon seemed very happy with their choices.

Why is the waitress looking at ME like I’m a mental patient who escaped the ward? I’m not the one working at the Cat Café and Spa, I’m not the one walking around asking cats if they want steak or fish. Really, if I’m willing to spend fifty dollars taking my cat on a date, I shouldn’t be judged.

Suffice it to say, I didn’t meet anyone, oddly enough, those people who take cats out on dates to fancy restaurants, aren’t looking to meet people. They have all they need, their cat.


23 thoughts on “Found Love in a Hopeless Place – Cat Cafe

  1. Hah.. Wow, this place seems to be amazing, I would love to go there, but apparetly it is not a place for me
    reason nr 1 I don’t own a cat YET.
    reason nr 2 They don’t do such cool places in my city, or I haven’t heard about it.
    That’s true, if you have your cat you don’t need anyone else in your life 😛
    Love u :*

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  2. I read this aloud to my cat. She regarded me vaguely before curling into a ball and taking a nap. Rarely does she express so much enthusiasm for anything.

    Well done!

    aka @TuiSnider on Twitter dropping by from #WWWblogs, because I *try* to comment on all the blogs that I RT … and some weeks I’m much better at that than others! 🙂

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  3. lol too funny! but i gotta ask, what was the state of cleanliness in the Tom and Thomascina rest rooms? And are they offered kitty pedicures after scraping the bottom of the cat box? Maybe a puff of perfume for their post-poopy puckers?

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  4. Ha ha! I’m thinking cat people are not typically party people. They tend to be consumed with their fur clan. Now, if we could get a drinking game going at that cat cafe, things might loosen up a bit. Oh how the fur would fly!

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  5. Ok is this a real thing not judging just never heard of such a thing well atleast not for cats
    I have heard of doing this as a human with a second human I can’t confirm that sadly. And i have heard that people do this with there dogs again not something i can confirm.

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