Do You Put Out For Poutine?

Do You Put Out For PoutineOf course, who wouldn’t? Four bucks worth of fries, cheese and gravy has Canadian girls dropping their pants faster than you can say “Where you going with my zamboni?”

Forget tequila, that’s a rich man’s gig, all you need is four bucks.

Welcome to Canada, come for the poutine and stay for the crazy, beautiful, wonderful people in this land I call home.


22 thoughts on “Do You Put Out For Poutine?

  1. I know you mention it in the first sentence, but I had to google what poutine is. Such a fancy sounding name for chips and gravy. I can understand this though, because chips and gravy is bloody lovely and any woman that loves it that much, is ay ok in my book haha.

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  2. putting out is ok, as long as you’re not pouting for poutine, cuz y’know, that’s just sad.

    I just want a girl who puts out while blogging, and hopefully it’s not about the bad sex she’s enduring. lol

    ok, I didn’t really mean that.

    she can write about the bad sex too.


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