An Experiment With My Insanity – Anti Abortion Rally

An Experiment With My Insanity - Anti Abortion RallyI have to say, last night was a little boring, so I hopped on my trusty scooter and took a drive. You never know what will happen, am I right?

Tonight, I have no handful of coupons, I have no melons, I am just me in my jeans and black sweater. I’m not planning on doing anything ridiculous, but then again, I’ve never planned spontaneity.

Lo and behold, what is over there? I see a crowd of people, there are billboards and people handing out flyers. What on earth is on that billboard? Seriously? Is that an aborted baby? Oh my god, it is. Skinny and Single pulls over.

I walk up to the first person that I see, it’s a gentleman with a handful of flyers (Similar to me with my coupons).


Me: Whatcha doing there, handsome?

Fella: Oh, we are here reminding everyone that life begins at conception.

Me: I thought life began at forty?

Fella seems pretty upset with my wittiness.

Fella: Life is sacred, and people don’t take it seriously enough.

Me: Oh, so you are protesting Marineland and Sea World too?

Fella: Ma’am, you don’t seem to be getting what we are doing here.

Me: All I know is that you seem to think that only SOME life is sacred, and that my vagina is somehow public property.

Fella just stares with wide eyes.

Skinny and Single prances back to her scooter. Alone, again.

17 thoughts on “An Experiment With My Insanity – Anti Abortion Rally

  1. Hahahahaha
    You.and I would get in sooooooo much trouble.
    I ran into the same crowd, only it was a woman. I told her if she thought life was that precious why not just let me fire one into her right there? Unfortunately for her, she declined. F’n evangelicals.

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