Forget Gluten Intolerant, I’m Life Intolerant

Forget Gluten Intolerant, I'm Life IntolerantWith all the food allergies and intolerance’s in the world, it’s a wonder I can get this beer down without puking.

These allergies are a real shame. It saddens me that gluten intolerant people can’t drink beer. Lactose intolerant people can’t eat ice cream. Life without beer and ice cream? What is the point!

I have a lactose problem, I can’t eat half a cheese slice without blowing up like a Macy’s day balloon. It sucks but it’s really easy to live without a cheese slice. If you were told you could never eat cheese slices again, you likely wouldn’t care.

If I was told I could never drink another beer, I’d curl up into a little ball and cheese slice my way to a quick death.

Be kind to people, they may not be allowed to drink a beer. Cries.


12 thoughts on “Forget Gluten Intolerant, I’m Life Intolerant

  1. I appreciate your love for beer! But I have a love for wine. Cheese is a staple in this diet! Lol. ‘Life Intolerant’ – clever. I love it.

    I always get a good laugh and a sense of reality when I visit your page. I need to visit more often! Cheers!

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  2. Very entertaining. Fear not. If the day comes when your digestive system no longer handles gluten there are actually gluten free beers out there. Coronas have been tested to under 20ppm, so it is a gluten-free beer. There are also completely gluten free beers too. No need for a death by cheese slice situation.

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