The World Needs Funny  

The World Needs FunnyYes, it does.

Sadly, my sense of humour is currently unavailable, please leave a message after the beep, press one for further options.

If you press one:

To tickle Skinny and Single, press one

To chase S & S down the street, press two

To piggyback S & S down the hallway, press three

To have S & S piggyback you down the hallway, press four

To send a cold beer to S & S, press five

To sing “Tell S & S I love her”, press six

To tell S & S she has a great ass, press seven

To remind S & S that you are her friend and you love her, press eight

To throw S & S over your shoulder like a Yankee doodle soldier, press nine.

Press zero to reach an operator.


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