Gotta Get Down On Friday, Friday

Gotta Get Down On Friday, FridayIt is a fantastic fall day in Canada. I am still horribly saddened by recent events, but that is not unusual, I tend to be upset about something or other all the damned time anyways. I have been making a conscious effort to remind myself that if you laugh through the pain, you’ll stop crying. Simple enough.

So it was Friday and ya gotta get down on Friday, so what the hell?

What to do, what to do?

I could ask these children to drag me around in their wagon.

I could chase that cute guy on his Harley down the street. As an aside, loud pipes save lives. The loud pipes sound better than a guy getting ran over, I’ve heard both. Just trust me and stop voting to shut up the bikers.

Ok wow, clearly still upset about life. Jeez.

Ooh, another cute guy on a motorcycle! It’s a fine day!

Volvo – gets a spit ball
Mazda – spit ball too

It’s forty below and I don’t have a truck. This Ford Explorer – spit ball


8 thoughts on “Gotta Get Down On Friday, Friday

  1. Omg its forty below and I don’t give a fuck got a heater in my truck and im off to the rodeo
    Fuck jerks pissed me off
    That brings back memories not good ones just memories of when my mother moved us here and divorced my dad then took us camping at the lake for memorial day was 12 I believe and the drunk red necks kept playing that song all night drinking and being loud. Seems like yesterday


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