So, You Live With Your Mom

So, You Live With Your MomThat’s hot, nothing sexier than a man who is taking care of his elderly parents. It is along the same lines as a man holding hands with his young daughter, but only if she has braided pigtails. Nothing is cuter than braided pigtails.

So, back to your mom. Do you pay rent? Ok look, if you pay rent, you’re living in the basement and she’s taking care of you, buddy. How’s World of Warcraft treating ya?

If you own the house and invited your aging mother to live with you, you are awesome.


11 thoughts on “So, You Live With Your Mom

  1. I dunno, in today’s economy I think it makes sense. My dad’s health isn’t that good and my money isn’t that good, so we decided I should move in with him. I don’t feel like a loser, I just feel like I’m doing what needs to be done at the moment.

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  2. I always wanted to get my mother a house was sad when she passed before I was able to. Not to be noble or any good cause just because when i was growing up she always said “not in my house” and “someday when it your house you can make the rules”
    Is that wrong that i was planning to do that?


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