Prostate Envy

Prostate EnvyThere is nothing I love more than a man’s face on his way to his first prostate exam. However uncomfortable it is though, it needs to be done. So get your buns to the doctor, he wears gloves!!!

Lucky for women, we don’t have to worry about getting an erection during a Pap smear. And we would, you betcha.

Happy Movember.


20 thoughts on “Prostate Envy

  1. A necessary but temporary discomfort.
    My doctor always seems more uncomfortable with it than me; trying to get a distracting conversation going about some thing or another.
    Yeah I really wanna tell you about our last vacation while your doing that to me dude… 😦

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    • What i find breaks the ice on the awkward uncomfortable moment is copious amounts of alcohol for me and him. After the fifth or sixth shot we have bonded and become like brothers. Ok maybe I never had a brother well clearly i never did because I don’t think brothers would do that to each other at least i hope not. But yeah the key is lots of shots and some hand warmers.

      We should all raise a toast to the man or woman fir that matter who cares enough to check out our prostate. 🍺🍾🍻🍷🍸🍹
      To Our Hero’s


  2. A number of years ago pre my diabetes diagnosis I wanted to explore every avenue (so to speak) in an attempt to fathom exactly what was wrong with me. The quack said, “Would you like me to examine your prostate.” I replied that whilst ‘like’ wasn’t the word I would have chosen that I did think it prudent – albeit reluctantly – if he did!
    Small talk during prostate examination;
    Doctor: “What do you do for a living then?”
    Me: “I’m a private investigator.”
    Doctor: “My, that sounds a very interesting job.”
    Me: “Bloody sight more interesting than yours.”

    My how we laughed – not!

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  3. I select my primary doctor on the size of his fingers for this very purpose. I it a little bit weird with a woman doc probing my nether regions up to (what I assume to be her shoulder with a fist up around my vocal cords). It always feels like a walk of shame as I leave the clinic.

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  4. Last time it was time for that, the little exam room’s door opened and in stepped my crotchety old doc’s sexy new female p.a.! I think we talked about the weather.

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