Oh No, What Have I Done?

Oh No, What Have I DoneAs you know, you can’t take words back once you say them.

Luckily though, you were only heard by a select few. You can drive through the country with a bullhorn repeating it for everyone to hear, and it still doesn’t come close to the Internet. Once words are spoken, they disappear, the Internet is forever. Much like an STD, the words and pictures you post on the Internet can haunt you for the rest of your life. Every job you apply for, every person you date can discover what you’ve posted, regardless of how long ago it was. Even a picture secretly sent to your boy/girl friend can be thrown online as soon as they get mad. “Oh, I’ll get back at you.” Great, you got back at me, you threw my private pictures online. Thanks bud.

The only time to put any personal photos online is because you’re hoping to start a career in pornography. Just don’t send them to me, no thanks dirty pictures, just no thanks.

Sometimes the tweets, Facebook statuses and blogs are worse than the pictures. I’ve learned recently, I can get in big trouble for the stuff I say online, and the authorities don’t look at everything as a joke. There can be charges laid against me, not so funny now, eh? And again, keep your dirty pictures, only greasy old men want them. (It’s true too, he’s looking.)


12 thoughts on “Oh No, What Have I Done?

  1. Oh man. For the longest time I kept getting penis pictures from total strangers emailed to me. It was so bizarre and then they’d get offended if I didn’t email back a photo. Like I’m actually going to do that. 1. I’m married. 2. Disgusting. People are morons.

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