One For The Road

cheers-839865_1920This was a common saying back in the day. People would be trying to leave a party, but no, “come on, one more for the road.” People would stay, there weren’t the drinking and driving laws there are today, people were driving half tanked all the time!

There is a drunk driving commercial circulating, I didn’t watch it, but I’ve enclosed the link. I don’t need to watch it, I don’t want to watch it.

The Most Powerful Drunk Driving Ad Ever

A very close family friend was killed by a drunk driver who then fled the scene. He didn’t even care enough about a son, a father and grandfather to even stop to check on him. This is the most cowardly and disgusting act, I truly want that man to die. I’m not Christian, I want him to die in the most painful of ways.

This Christmas season, please ignore those that say “one for the road.” Please remember that everyone is a son or daughter. Everyone has someone who will want to hunt you down and hurt you in the most painful of ways.

Everyone. Don’t let it be me, please, I can’t do that again.

Edit: On Sunday, September 27, 2015, all of Ontario cried. A van containing six people was t-boned in Vaughan, Ontario. Three children under ten and their grandfather were killed. A family destroyed and a country is grieving. This most heinous of acts, the grossest negligence, the worst, a drunk driver. A driver with twice the legal limit blew through a stop sign and hurt us all. 

Please don’t drink and drive.

One For The Road

21 thoughts on “One For The Road

  1. I couldn’t watch it either. My best friend was killed nearly five years ago by a drunk driver, and I still think about him every day and dream about him every other night. People think they are invincible or that “it won’t happen to me”, but it can and it does. Thank you for this post, I hope it reaches more people!

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  3. Our family lost my sisters husband to an 18 year old drunk driver. His children were two and three at the time. But try telling an alcoholic he doesn’t need another drink and you are talking to a brick wall. It is time that we demanded the breathalyzer ignition switch software as mandatory in all cars.

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  4. I’m right there with you. We had a death in our family years ago due to drunk driving. It definitely makes you more aware of the fact that “one for the road” could mean your last, or result in someone else’s death. Thanks for the timely reminder.

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