There’s No Place Like Alone For The Holidays

There's No Place Like Alone For The HolidaysYep! A whole turkey with all the fixins just for me. I can make everything to my exact specifications and not worry about satisfying anyone.

Cookies, I get all the cookies! Yes, I can eat them and not put on weight, it’s true. It won’t stop the diabetes from chasing me down the street and pile driving me into the pavement. Still, ALL the cookies, mine.

Peanuts, The Grinch, any one I want. Fifteen times, I’m going to Whoville. You have a problem with that? Boo hoo, Scrooge, boo frickin who.

My tree, my rules. If I want my tree decorated with empty beer cans and Barbie heads, thou shall be done. What colour lights shall I use, blue to go with Barbie’s eyes?

By the way, my turkey wasn’t dead when I put it in the freezer, you can hear it sometimes, late at night.

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21 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Alone For The Holidays

  1. My entire adult life I’ve never bothered with a tree and decorations, even when I did live with a husband and later, a boyfriend (they weren’t going to help with any of it anyway). For me, Christmas is basically a day off work. Usually I and another single, childfree friend will have lunch, see a movie, do something non-Christmassy. It’s a children’s holiday basically. The breeders can have it.

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  2. This is required reading for anyone who’s going to be alone on Christmas. It’s not bad at all and definitely has its perks. But our society tells everyone if you don’t have family or friends to be with on Christmas, there’s something wrong. The only thing wrong is our culture’s way of thinking, that being alone is somehow unacceptable. I’ve long stopped making a big deal over Christmas and causing myself all that stress. At the end of the day…it’s just another day.

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