Men’s Cologne – A Love Story

Men’s Cologne – A Love StorySo the young guy in my building just showered and put on nice cologne. I’m about to claw through his door to bite him.

What is it about nice cologne that makes women (just me?) crazy? I know what the guy looks like, he’s not attractive. He has a girlfriend and he’s younger than my children. None of this matters.

Must. Bite. Punk.

Naw, he’s not a punk and he tastes like bananas. (Probably the ones his mom mushed up for his breakfast.)


10 thoughts on “Men’s Cologne – A Love Story

  1. This is so me lol. I once pulled a guy who worked at the convenience store over the counter so I could smell him up close. True story. My kids can tell you how embarrassing it was for them. He thought it was pretty funny.

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