Feeling Conspicuous

Feeling ConspicuousOh dear, single girl and everyone is dancing. I’m entirely abandoned by the couples around me, I went from four friends to none in a heartbeat.

Then someone actually asked me to dance.

Shocking, sickening, get me the hell out of here.

“Oh, honey, Momma can’t dance.”

Hearts are broken, people are crying. Drinks are poured, drank, and yay, what’s the problem?

Single. Totally single, great, ain’t it?


15 thoughts on “Feeling Conspicuous

  1. Dancing is the best!! I love dancing so much. The isolation of being in a big room surrounded by people with the music pounding in your ears. I have to admit, though, I much prefer dancing with my boyfriend than when I went out single and being grabbed by a bunch of men I didn’t know. That was not fun.

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