Fifty Shades Of What???

Fifty Shades Of WhatOh, who’s excited? The “book” has finally been turned into a movie! It puts all actual writers into their graves decades early, and makes a joke of the word literature, but hey!

It’s like Twilight, only…more ridiculous? Ok, I really need to write a book, holy, the people making money make me ill.

I do have to say, the music in this movie is quite enticing. “Going crazy, going crazy right now.”

You betcha, honey, you betcha.

Picks up ANY other book in the world.


56 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Of What???

  1. THANK YOU! I still fail to understand why this is so popular… Or twilight for that matter. Or divergent… we should write a “bloggers group” book, make millions and put the profit toward paying people to read real literature…

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  2. i should have known it would be a heaping pile of garbage when i heard it was ‘twilight fan fiction’ (sigh) but the book was SO painfully (get it? pain? S&M? forget it) bad. i’ll pass on the movie… but at least the soundtrack is kinda good?

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  3. I am a very curious human being. I have borrowed this book from a friend when it came out because EVERYONE was talking about it and I just had to know what was all about.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not that much of critiquing books and movies like ‘I know what I am talking about’ – I am pretty sure I have read some poorly written books in the past which I have actually enjoyed.
    The problem here is the fact that there was NO plot / story whatsoever to keep me going. Nothing. Just pages and pages of the same repetitive thing.

    It took me several months to read that book, but I did it! – I consider this an achievement. I couldn’t be criticising now if I hadn’t read it , right? So here you go ๐Ÿ˜€

    Same as the book, I am insanely curious about the movie : More like, how can they turn a plotless book into an actual movie which is not a porn movie?

    So yep, when I have the chance, I am so gonna watch it ๐Ÿ˜€

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  4. So I read all three books, partially to see what the hype was but also at the time I was working with a company that carried a line of products that were 50 Shades. The writing is TERRIBLE, the plot in the first book is non-existant (it does get a little better in the 2nd & 3rd books) but here’s what I DO like about the whole thing. It got women talking about sex in a more open way (whether positive or not) Which is something I 100% believe needs to happen more. I likely won’t see the movie until its on netflix nor will I re-read the books, but I appreciate that it opens up conversation about sex, especially among women.

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  5. yes. Yes. And yes. So glad we are on the same page with the writing of this book. It’s incredibly horrible and gets progressively worse throughout the series. I can’t stress enough how much I hate the writing. But yes, I’ll be seeing this movie out of curiousity. How in the world did they capture the book on screen without making it too “adult.”

    BTW, I thought Twilight was well written compared to this! Not a literary masterpiece, but I definitely felt the emotions of the characters!

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  6. I just call it 50 Shades of Crap. I mean, Twilight based fan-fiction? Eurgh, go away. I read the first Twilight novel to see what the hype was about, and I have to say, it basically ruined everything I loved about vampire stories for me. Bram Stoker would probably roll in his grave if he found out what happened to vampires. I hold a double degree in British and American literature, and for me, it was PAINFUL to read Twilight already so I sure as heck won’t even THINK OF reading 50 Shades.
    Moreover, Twilight basically is a spin-off from The Vampire Diaries (just read TVD’s plot lines ….), but nobody cared about TVD – until Twilight came along. So a fan-fiction of a spin-off turned into a movie? I’ll pass. Happily.

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  7. OMG do NOT get me started on this lol. Did you know EL James 50 Shades was originally a fanfic for Twilight? That’s why the story line is similar – she just changed the names a bit and added sex/abusive relationship angle. I can’t argue that Twilight was crap, but at least it was it’s own story…

    I did a book review for 50 shades ages ago, if you’re interested to read lol :

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  8. YES! I read this, I heard good things, and I was not quick on the band wagon, but I did jump on. Unfortunately, I have a curse that when I start a book I MUST finish the series. Sadly, in addition to the lack of plot and poor writing, I felt like Christian Grey was an abusive Dick throughout the entire book… and it was being touted as a love story. Yuck! So many better Romance Novels are in existence… I will not be wasting my time or money on the movie.

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  9. I picked the book up as everyone around me was reading it. Made it 3 chapters in and thought it was rubbish, badly written and predictable. So I don’t get why people love the books. Also I agree that it puts women’s independance back as the rich guy changes the girl through dominance, punishment and pain. The erotic factor hides these underlying concepts and it is sad to see this in a modern day book.
    I am giving the film a miss but I have heard that the film maker did change the story a bit so better.

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  10. They would have to pay me exorbitant amounts of money to read/watch 50 Shades of Grey or any piece of the Twilight series. ._. (And they’d have to allow me to fall asleep, because I can’t see myself staying awake through any of it. ๐Ÿ˜ก )

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  11. I read precisely two sentences before putting it down (in the bookshop), I consider the time I spent on those two sentences to be a complete waste. What is scary is that all those people who thought it was ‘good’, have the vote. But hey, I guess reading crap is better than not reading at all.

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