Kanye, Kanye and Kanye Some More

KanyeIf you look in a mirror at Kanye’s house, it’s just another picture of Kanye. I’m sorry, this guy needs to simmer down, maybe in a nice soy sauce? White wine? I’m not sure what goes best with big mouthed jackass. I’m just happy that he discovered that Paul McCartney fella, he looks familiar, don’t you think?

Kanye is amazing. He deserves a….. Hmm not sure what yet, but he deserves it.

Can the moron having sex with Kanye please say, just once “imma let you finish.” Oh, never mind, you have an infants eyebrows to pluck, I’ll leave you alone.

Two of the most shallow and disturbing people ever, Kim and Kanye.

Source: ย The Sartorialist


28 thoughts on “Kanye, Kanye and Kanye Some More

  1. Kanye West is so annoying. His first album was great but he’s super entitled. He acts like he has gone through all this hardship…uh yeah, dude you went to Columbia College (my alma mater) And yeaahhh….that school is one of the most expensive private art schools. Give me a break.

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  2. I’m not a big person on celebrity news and such, but I’ll always have a soft spot for Kanye since he’s from Chicago, and is actually very talented. I just like to embrace the crazy and eat popcorn when it rears its head.

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  3. Ugh…I completely agree! After his behavior (again!) at the Grammys I had 2 thoughts…well 3…1) shut up! 2) to the media – STOP giving him any press and 3) to the Grammys – ban him and don’t invite him back ever again.

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  4. Saw this on Instagram the other day: “Kanye would unplug your life support to charge his phone” AND “I got you these Valentine’s Day gifts…but if you have any respect you’d send them to Beyonce.” Both made me giggle ๐Ÿ™‚ -Misty

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  5. Yes, Kanye is an egotistical moron. The stupid thing is that his College Dropout album was really good, so there is talent there somewhere, but he has now made sure that no one ever remembers him for the great album, just for being an arse. Good work, Kanye!

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