How Jealous Am I?

How Jealous Am ILook at this young couple, adorable. He leans in to talk to her, she smiles, they laugh. She fluffs his hair, he pulls her closer and says “what the hell is this blonde chick looking at?”

Anyhow, I get to look at some sixty year old cleavage now. “What the hell is this blonde chick looking at?”

Nice shoes bro.


12 thoughts on “How Jealous Am I?

  1. Love that you’ve added a pic!
    I had this exact experience on a train once and wondered “Are they totally faking it? Is anyone EVER that happy being with someone.” That had not been my experience and I was filled with awe and envy.
    I was behind them so they didn’t see me staring, (avoided the cleavage thankfully) 7 years and a new husband later, I can honestly say, YES. It is possible to be that happy being with someone. WHO KNEW?

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  2. I get it. Prior to my marriage I would look at some couples and why not me. I especially would look at the women and wonder why her if they were near my age. Its a feeling that sucks.

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  3. I should add that later when I saw some other couple that was obviously not happy and he was a total jerk, I would say to myself. ..So glad that’s not me. So it works both ways.

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