Just In Bieber

Just In Bieber

Aw he was such an adorable kid when he first came on the scene. Fourteen or so, found on YouTube and the staircase of City Hall. His cute mop of hair and his total innocence when it came to anything at all. He was just so damned adorable.

What the hell happens to these people?

We don’t make douchebags into stars, we make nice, innocent kids into douchebags.

Source: Guardian


14 thoughts on “Just In Bieber

  1. I think now that he is older he want’s to shed that innocent cute kid reputation and the quickest way to do that is become the bad boy, Miley Cyrus did the same thing and countless others before them, they all want to be grown up and in control of their image….problem is, they learned about fame, they learned about money, they learned the power of image, but they were never taught how to grow up and how to be an adult, nobody say’s NO to these kids, they are surrounded by idiots that only say Yes

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  2. I gotta say, I was never a huge Bieber fan even in the beginning- he’s just always annoyed me, lol, and was always too arrogant. But, it is sad to see how extreme he’s become in that arrogance. But, I guess becoming such a big star when he was so young with everyone telling him how awesome he was, you can see where the over inflated ego and sense of entitlement comes from!

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