An Intro To My Muse

DrinksAtSixGirlI would like to introduce you to my most wonderful friend Jacqueline Court. She is one of the main reasons I have this blog and she encourages me daily. If not for her, I would have given up and spent the rest of my life crying in the fetal position. Ok, maybe not that far, but I sure wouldn’t have this blog.

I have known Jacqueline since high school. In fact, some jackass had stolen her purse and I gave it back to her. It was grey and I will never forget seeing her high school ID and realizing it belonged to a person in my class. I just had to give it back, it was so weird.

We weren’t best friends ever since, I doubt we ever spoke again.

Six hundred years go by, and it’s 2014, Jacqueline is on my Facebook and I watched her have her adorable baby, Maddie. I just kept my eye in, not stalked, but paid attention to my friend with the missing purse.

Over the years, I noticed she had written articles for esteemed magazines, I noticed her websiteย Drinks At Six, I just noticed.

I sent her an article and asked her to review it for me.

Reply: Where is your voice? This isn’t you. It’s not violent, it’s not angry, it’s not funny. Find your voice Laura.

This was life changing advice andย I agreed. Violent, angry and funny, you betcha, that is MY voice.

Check out her podcast, and may we all have a podcast someday.


22 thoughts on “An Intro To My Muse

  1. Love this. I’m a huge advocate of people using their true voice in writing. When I was teaching, “voice” was a big thing for me. I’m sure my students were sick of me talking about it. (No pun intended.). Yay, you, having an insightful, honest, supportive friend like this. And that’s a great story. ๐Ÿ˜€

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