Single And Over 40 And Not Suicidal About It

Single And Over 40 And Not Suicidal About ItThis tagline has given me a lot of attention, all positive. I’m a little surprised by that because every time I see it, it actually bothers me. I don’t want anyone thinking that I take suicide lightly or think that it’s funny, it really isn’t.

I have known people who have killed themselves and I still know (and see) the people who loved them. I see what is left when a loved one kills themselves.

Suicide sucks. Worse, it’s kind of contagious, it leaves the people around them depressed and never the same. They start a downward spiral of their own, it’s a horrible and brutal cycle.

I hope that this tagline of mine hasn’t hurt anyone. Consider it gone. I’m changing it because it just damned well hurts.

Sorry, my friends.


14 thoughts on “Single And Over 40 And Not Suicidal About It

  1. This is very considerate. I never saw your original posting, and if I had, I’d probably not have taken it badly. However, it’s nice to say this for those who may have needed/wanted to hear it. What nice thing.

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  2. Ther’s a saying, ‘life begins at forty’…you’ve chosen to live life in your own way. Don’t know about others, but I find it appreciable enough. … 🙂

    And, also, I never looked down or think of the word ‘suicide’ as derogatory, nor it’s a cowardly act. We love our life and it needs a lot of courage to end it… ( my personal way of thinking, of course)

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