Here’s Why I Kidnapped Your Child

Here's Why I Kidnapped Your Child1You are neglectful. Your child is dirty and needs a warm bath. He is sunburned and his clothes don’t fit him. I have friends who would consider this child a miracle.

You have four children. Do you even have the energy to take care of them all? I have friends who would put their whole life into this child.

You are uneducated and young. You are incapable of helping your child with sixth-grade math. I have friends who would dedicate their lives to educating this child.

You don’t love them. You leave them in cars. You leave them in dumpsters. You let them drown. You let them wander away. I have friends who would protect and love this child.

I have friends who would love your baby. You don’t need to hurt them. You don’t need to murder them. You don’t need to.

Do you know how many women would give anything to have this child? Do you?

There are some ladies who would love to adopt your baby. Don’t ever forget that.

FYI: I’m not going  to steal your baby, but make sure you love them. They are a gift.

PS I know the difference between “happy dirty” and “neglected dirty”, I always have.



Here's Why I Kidnapped Your Child

90 thoughts on “Here’s Why I Kidnapped Your Child

  1. My daughter just adopted her husband’s 2 children. The “egg donor” (as I like to call her) used her children’s love for her own benefit. She tried to fight the adoption, but there’s something about multiple jail sentences, unpaid 5-figure child support, and drug-related felonies that didn’t seem to impress the judge at all. So now I’m a grandmother to 2 teenagers who adore my daughter. I wanted to write a post about the hero who’s my daughter, but she doesn’t see how rare it is to find a woman who inherited 2 wounded children and showed them what a mother’s love really means.

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  2. Interesting take on this. I have four children. One is bio, one is adopted and the other two are foster. Bio son is autistic, adopted daughter is RAD, one foster is non-verbal, the other bi-polar. Anyone who knows me understands that outings are interesting and complicated. Anyone who doesn’t know, who vaguely sees me on the street or in the store and passes judgement might view me the same way you view the “parents” in your blog post.

    My non-verbal frequently wears clothes that don’t fit. His choice is more important than a war over what he’s wearing. Played in the mud for hours last week. Learned a new word – water.

    My autistic frequently walks away. He’s fine. He knows without worry exactly how to get to our house from anywhere in town. Can draw you a map of anywhere.

    My RAD sunburns if she sits under a light and refuses to do math. I have a post graduate degree in architecture and another in secondary education.

    I get that there are people who don’t care for their children or don’t want them. I get adoption. I’ve seen the other side of these “parents” but I would caution that appearances can be deceptive, circumstances not easily understood with a mere five minute conversation or glance in the grocery store.

    Life is complicated. We have to have options. People deserve compassion. ALL people, even those who don’t meet our standards or share our beliefs.

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    • I agree with erinszoo. Some of mine refuse to eat, are very difficult to keep appropriate clothing on, and at times have to be forced to be cleaned. All look and for the most part act perfectly normal and healthy. So of course, as mom, judgemental people would blame me whenever things don’t seem exactly as they should. Two are mine biologically, the others are mine through love and marriage.

      My five have the following: eldest – add, odd, ei; eldest daughter – add, odd, bipolar, OCD; middle – drop seizures and absence seizures, sensory processing disorder, severe issues with blood sugar levels and food additive sensitivities and allergies, as well as many asperger’s symptoms; youngest daughter: add, odd, probably sensory processing disorder, severe issues with food additives; youngest son: add, odd, Pdd-nos, devastating food sensitivities (too many to list), allergies, and sensory processing disorder.

      Judge away. But you’ll never get my babies away from me.

      And yes, I realize you aren’t actually going to kidnap children. But I will pray the Lord doesn’t judge you as harshly as you seem to be judging others.

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      • Yep, I am judging those that leave their children to die in hot cars. I am judging those that do not take care of them. I’m judging those that leave them to starve.

        I’m not judging those with difficult children with mothers that are doing their best.

        Thanks for reading, and the further education 🙂 Hugs!

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  3. I’m disgusted with your awful judgement.; you disgust me for judging. I agree with abortion. . please give babies up for adoption… Don’t abort..
    But please. My 3 babies have dirty faces & bodies… They have been playing outside. They are involved in sports & 4h! Wahoooooo. They are dirty. I leave them in the car because they are old enough. But you judging me is bs! And you judging any woman is bs. How about ask how you can help them. Your judgements make you just as bad as a neglectful mother. Quit judging! Dear lord!

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      • Your reply that you can judge whoever you wish just made me and I am sure many others lose complete interest in continuing to read your little blog. I am a mom of 4 and they are always dirty it seems. I give them a bath and they go find a marker to color their tummy with. I wash that off and they immediately run outside and jump in a puddle. I have put my 3 year old in his 2 year old brothers pants which were a little too small so we could go do laundry because we dont have a washer and dryer at home. You arent only being a douche to people who leave their kids in hot cars, you called out people who have multiple children because “You have four children. Do you even have the energy to take care of them all? I have friends who would put their whole life into this child” Well guess what? It is none of your or your friends business how many kids I choose to have. A friend of mine has 5 and she is a super mom who home schools all 5. You sound like a bitter infertile hag judging us because we could get pregnant. I also do not have a college degree, but my 9 year old son can calculate percentages in his head while the cashier at the store is pulling out her calculator. I was 18 when I had my daughter, which means I get more years with her than I would have if I had waited until right before menopause. I get that you are trying to promote adoption, but maybe you should find an approach that doesnt make you look like an asshole.

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  4. I know just what you mean…I often wonder at the justice of people who pop out babies and can’t or won’t take care of them, and others who struggle to have even one…
    PS: I’m appalled at some of the comments here. How come people can’t see what your intention is? They’re just picking words and phrases and making themselves sound ignorant! Hats off to you for your polite responses. Sorry, just had to add my two pennies!

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  5. I feel as though many times looks can be very deceiving and many times people don’t know what is going on behind closed doors. I feel like this post was full of heavy accusations with very little information behind it to back them up. And for you to throw in an abortion stance with little to no reasoning behind it is just asking for people to become angry over this post. But I’ve always been told good writing elicits emotions and it definitely did just that.

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  6. I believe children should be with the family. I also believe if they can not take care of the child to give the child to someone they know so if they want to work there selves up to getting back up. They can have them back. Kids wear things bigger than them though part of growing up. I did as a kid and one of my fav memories. I remember my mom an family my mom had starved and had holes in her clothes to feed me. but people like this always tried to take kids away. I would hate people that tried to take me from my loving home. i dont think its right to separate homes. unless they literately beat them black and blue yes i understand that, but give them a chance to get help. If not then there you go. People where im from everyone just wants to take your kids for a extra pay on there income tax literately. Why when we see stuff like this it turns us. But no i also agree the parents that absolutely dont want there baby then go at it. now days its all about a contest to see who can take there children. I know children is are life of tomorrow. but be honest would u be able to live with a child that is depressed cause you separated them from there family? or your kids tooken from something you was trying your hardest at? Parents around here they dont care. they just want the mola. Back then they raised them just perfect with no one trying nothing. but now days you see kids with the family thats not theres. yes i do agree on the most part but i believe in chances to work for it and to a family member.


  7. I have 4 bio kids, and two kinship care kids. Often, Cady’s hair is a mess (it’s very fine and tangles if a butterfly flaps its wings too close to her), Trey is add, Erin has to be told to change before school once a week…I’m undereducated and while I can afford 4, six is a struggle.


    I think, as mothers, we judge ourselves harshly, and sometimes we see what others say like a fun-house mirror, reflecting distorted messages back at us.

    Mom with the outdoorsy kids, she’s not judging us. Kids get dirty. She’s talking about the kids whose hair hasn’t been washed in weeks, whose diapers are filthy, who are clearly neglected. We’re doing fine, with our muddy faced kids who will take baths tonight.

    Mom with non-verbal kids wearing clothes too big, she’s not judging us. She’s judging the parents whose kids wear shoes three sizes to small, that hurt their feet, because they’d rather buy beer. We’re doing fine, with our hand-me-up clothes and last year’s favorites that we can’t get them out of.

    Mom wth big kids who’d rather sit in the car and play gameboy (and who can watch their younger siblings at the same time!) She’s talking about the parents who leave their toddlers and babies in locked cars, windows barely cracked, so they can get their nails done or enjoy quiet dinners. We’re doing ok, with our preteens and teens with the air on and the radios up.

    We all know who she’s referring to. Especially those of us who have adopted or fostered. We need to stop looking through the funhouse mirrors, and remember that most of us care, and we’re doing fine.

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  8. My house isn’t perfect, I live on the seemingly downside on a limited income, my baby is breast fed and I’ve been through myself more truama then you could ever imagine, those fostercare kids you so lovingly say people would take? Yes because they want the baby’s and not some damaged kid as I was once called by so many you judge and shame, do you know what sacrifices some mothers make for there children? No you don’t because you are to busy judging other mothers to worry about what you already have, you will never kidnap my child because although he may have just eaten a jar of baby food that I brought on lunch for him and he looks dirty afterwords does not mean he’s neglected, just because I was in a rush this morning and accidentally did the human thing of putting on mismatched socks doesn’t mean he’s going with out, just because he’s crying because he didn’t get what he wants and gas learned what mamas buttons to push doesn’t mean he’s abused, it’s people like you that make those of us who use to be in foster care afraid to have children, it’s people like you that make me so sick in this world. You’d take my baby over my dead corpse you bitch.


    • All I’m reading is that you think because of your upbringing, you “feel” inadequate (I said “feel”, not “are”). Then you read a post like mine, and I’ve made ya feel worse.

      I’m not trying to make people already having a hard time feel worse. I’m trying to make the people who abuse and neglect their children feel worse.

      I’m attacking the people who abuse and subsequently kill their children, and ONLY them.

      If you took this post so personal, that you called me a bitch, maybe you should look more at yourself. If you look in the mirror and know you’re doing the right thing, the post wouldn’t have affected you at all.. You would think, oh, I know who she’s talking about…

      Maybe, just maybe, you aren’t doing the right thing.

      Thanks for your comments.

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    • Wow…..that escalated quickly….

      Those funhouse mirrors are extra distorted today.

      SHE’S NOT JUDGING NORMAL PARENTS. Ya’ll get that, right? I mean, it’s pretty obvious if you actually read it to understand it. She’s judging genuinely BAD parents. No one’s perfect, but if your kid has been in a filthy diaper for 9 hours, you’re a bad parent. Mismatched socks are not the same thing.

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  9. At 18 I found out I was pregnant with my son. I had just graduated high school and was in a horrible relationship with my sons bio-dad and his family. I didn’t consider myself prepared to raise a child, but abortion was never an option to me. I not only wanted to give myself the best chance, but my unborn son as well. Recognizing this we heavily considered adoption up until a few weeks before my son’s birth when his bio-dad slapped me (figuratively) with court papers and announced that he had been lying to me in order to delay the process. At that point I picked myself up, said that even though I didn’t know what I was doing I was going to get my life together for my son and now 2 years later I’m happily married, halfway through with my HS Ed. degree, and in an okay place with my sons bio-dad who sees him for 1 week every month (we live 500 miles apart).
    There are days when I feel like I’m the worst mom on Earth and there are days when I think I’m a great mom. But I love the tone you chose to write this post in. There are so many parents who are careless, self-absorbed, or just entirely neglectful of their children. In reverse, there are so many couples who desperately want a child of their own. I so wish that there were more people my age with the understanding that abortion isn’t the only other option. There are so many sweet babies of all ages that want nothing more than to be loved.

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    • Aw I love this. Thank you so much. And just so you know, and every mother on earth will agree, you are allowed bad days. If you haven’t felt like a failure, you’re doing it wrong. All mothers feel that way. 🙂



    • I’m gonna step in for Skinny here – because I DO know what mental illness and depression do. I am diagnosed borderline personality disorder with historonic depression and ptsd. It was especially bad when had my oldest children. You know what I did? I GOT HELP. I was a young mom on welfare. The state wouldn’t touch my bpd or ptsd, but they will help with depression. I got on meds, and a little counseling, because kids are kids and adults are adults. If we choose to have them, we have to step up and do what is right, like getting help to give them the best life possible. If you have a mental illness, please go to mhmr, or social services. Please get help. It’s such a terrible burden to carry alone, especially when you don’t have to. It’s scary, but trust me, you will be thankful you got help. You wouldn’t ignore cancer, so why would you ignore depression? They are both illnesses.

      Best of luck, and feel free to contact me if you want to discuss it, or if I can be of help.

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  10. It’s hard to think that in our days mothers would just leave their children to “roam” around unwashed and by themselves. I know this was a reality in the gypsy community from the neighborhood I grew up in but still then, the mothers would love their children.

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  11. What does “abortion a portion” mean in this “post”?
    A child who accidentally drowns is equal to suffocating a child before they even take their first breath.
    And what’s a little sunburn compared to stopping a baby’s heart from beating before it even sees one ray of sunshine?
    I have 5 kids and EVERY one of them are precious to me! Having more than 1 doesn’t divide your time, love or energy… MULTIPLIES it!!!! If you came to my house….yeah…you might see a few dirty kids. But they have been getting fresh air outside and exploring their backyard.
    And as far as math is concerned….that doesn’t ultimately define who you are as a parent. Math doesn’t come naturally for everyone.
    I would love to see you TRY to kidnap my kids because they have a sunburn, or dirt between their toes, or maybe because I need to go clothes shopping. Just TRY it!
    Kidnapping and molestation are the same in my book. Preying on young children is NEVER ok. Neither is judging someone by how ‘perfectly’ or unperfectly they raise their kids. Articles like this make me sick to my stomach. “Abort your child/give them up instead of letting them play outside or get too big for their clothes”.
    “If you don’t take care of your kids the way I think you should…I will come kidnap them.”
    “Skinny and Single”???????
    No doubt!!!!!

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    • I’ve decided to just copy the important part of the post, the part you clearly missed and make that my reply.

      You don’t love them. You leave them in cars. You leave them in dumpsters. You let them drown. You let them wander away. I have friends who would protect and love this child.

      Is this you? If not, then watch your mouth on my website.



      • If that was the most important part of your post….then what was the point of listing and talking about everything else? I did NOT miss that part at all. Why not just talk about the REAL forms of child abuse? Not being able to help your child in math, or having too small of clothes and forgetting sunscreen are not forms of child abuse…NOR neglect. Forgetfulness….maybe. Abuse….definitely not. But lumping them together is wrong. And just so you know….I TOTALLY agree with you about innocent children who are neglected and abused. I wish we could take care of every last one of them and watch them grow and blossom to their fullest potential. My heart breaks when I hear of another baby who was left in a dumpster. It also makes me sick to my stomach when a child is left in a scorching car and passes away. But it breaks equally for the unborn as well.
        Maybe YOU should watch your own mouth on your website. Talking about abuse is MUCH needed, and I applaud you for bringing it to light! But lumping abuse with things that are not….is not right at all. You had to have known people would write to you about it. Maybe you should have thought this one through a little more….

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      • you know, REALLY (that’s your name lol), you should effin have a blog of your own. I like you. I applaud this 🙂 Did you see my edit? I totally agree that I’m not exactly clear in the article, I do it on purpose. It makes “good” moms come and make “bad” moms feel like total pieces of shit… 🙂

        hugs!!! on the same side, dear, that’s all that counts, right?


  12. I get it, that you’re trying to get for a certain tone on your blog and all but it did come off as a bit judgemental. But maybe instead of sitting from the comfort of your blog and judging other women you could make the effort to really help them. You’re right, a lot of women would like to have children. I would. I probably won’t ever be blessed to be a mum. But instead of condemning the moms who aren’t great at that job I have and am helping children who have to suffer at the result of whatever reason their mother AND father aren’t there.

    I’ve found in life it’s easy to say things and easy to spout words but it’s not easy to have feelings that transpire into action.

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  13. Young and Uneducated eh? I am young and uneducated, and have a 7 year old son who is my fucking world! You make me sick my accusing people around you and not knowing their stories! Instead of complaining about people’s kids why not go make friends and help them out, you don’t know maybe they’re on there own with no help at all!! I know I am i’ve got no help, I work and I go to school to help better my sons life! It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows in our books!! I worked my ass off for my 3 bedroom house and there is only 2 of us, and i’ only 26 years old!! I dropped out and moved far away at 16 years old and worked, I went back to school last year and now next month i’ll have my full grade 12!! My son is well taken care of, and I help everyone around me in my will power becauses I too agree there are families out there who can’t handle it but it’s because they grew up abused, they have no help from no one around and can’t close their damn legs but once you step into their world… The amazing work you can do for them is wonderful! I have helped so many families out there and they are all doing wonderful and now know how to take better care of their families shit happens sometimes!
    Also you can be old and rich and still have horrible issues remember giving your kids money and nannies and anything to keep them away from you 24/7 isn’t a family its abuse too, and break ups and making your kids suffer is abuse too, this list goes on and on! There are so many different ways to say your a shit parent including saying that! Once you say someone is a bad parent it usually means you see something in them that reminds you of you, and you don’t want to admit it so they are just wrong and useless -.- Or maybe you don’t and just think you’re a better parent than anyone else out there, Just stop and go help some people put a group together and help people better themselves, in the end worse case is you were right they are shit parents because sometimes it’s true but until you know their stories don’t judge them.
    You prove some good points but you need to open your eyes before you talk nasty about people, sadly you just don’t know! and I don’t even know about the people your talking about but i’d go and help the best I could anyways.

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  14. It’s so sad that all children aren’t loved and nurtured like they deserve to be, especially when there are loving people who can’t have them for various reasons but would do anything for them. Makes me so sad. Gem (aka Colleyswobbles) #fabfridaypost

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  15. Do you even have children? You seem awfully perfect at this parenting gig.

    Have you ever experienced the sleeplessness of having multiple children who do not sleep through the night? Of spending YEARS only getting 2 hours max at MOST? Of being what is now casually coined as the “default parent”, the night caregiver, the breadwinner, and still responsible for making sure you do everything perfectly so you don’t come under fire from judgemental assholes like yourself?

    You do realize a large majority of the people who’s children accidentally wander off, drown, get left in cars, get kidnapped, etc., are all people who are under an extreme amount of stress and under fire from people like you who could do a hell of a lot more if you actually HELPED them, rather than treated them like shit.

    And what does having an education have to do with parenting? My best friend is the first in her family to graduate from college. She had a mother who grew up Amish and never went to school past the 8th grade. She had a father who spent his life working two jobs in factories to make sure they could survive. She didn’t have a mother who could help her with basic math, English, and science. She didn’t have parents who could dote on her and her alone 24/7 because she had four siblings. She was left home alone to care for her siblings on occasion, she got lost in a mall once, she learned to float by falling in the neighbors pool while playing outside because her mother was trying to make sure they were fed by preparing dinner. Something that causes you to take your eyes off your kids on occasion. Her parents made PLENTY of mistakes. They still loved her, and to this day she will tell you that. She never felt as if she was lacking in love or happiness because she had siblings.

    I on the other hand, know what it’s like to not be loved. To be the child of addicts, physically, sexually, and emotionally abused. To be neglected, hungry, and forgotten – not because of stress, but because of drugs and alcohol. My mother regularly reminded me that she could have aborted me, and I spent many years wishing she had. My mother was educated, not that she gave a shit to help me with my homework. My mother never left me in a hot car, or let me fall into a pool, and I only had one sibling whom she also didn’t give a shit about, I was left to raise him as well. Based on your standards, my mother was the perfect mother. Because you choose to judge natural human mistakes rather than the multitude of children being abused day in and day out.

    Let me guess. The reason your friends haven’t adopted one of the 400,000 children in the American foster system or one of the MILLIONS of children across the world is because they’re waiting for that one mommy to choose adoption over abortion and give them the perfect cuddly squishy newborn baby, rather than one of us damaged brats right? I mean, human mistakes = no love. Actual abuse? Who gives a shit about that.

    It’s no wonder you’re divorced. If you judge your husband with the same bullshit that your #sorrynotsorry edit doesn’t mask in the slighted, I’d divorce you too. And before you ask me how dare I judge you, let me quote one of your replies “PS I can judge whomever I wish.”

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  16. I know I read this before since I “liked” it but I guess I did not comment. I’m visiting again from the #FabFridayPost Thanks for linking up with this one.

    As a blogger, I always get excited when someone comments but then when I read a comment that makes it so obvious they didn’t even read it, I feel a little WTFish.

    Anyway, the point is when we hear about the Casey Anthony’s of the world we all wish she would have just given that sweet girl to someone else. But you said it so much better!

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  17. Wow. I can’t believe all of the crazy posts from this. People can tell when a child is loved. Listen drama mamas -why do you think this is all about you? When I miscarried 6 babies and would hear on the news about someone killing their child? The rage I felt! I know exactly what she’s referring to. We all know the difference between a child that’s abused and neglected and a child that’s loved.

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  18. Could also focus on social/educational reform that gives people in those situations the education, skills, and resources to make better choices, adverting the need for any “stealing” in the first place… Most people don’t make poor choices because they actively want to, but because they don’t know any better and don’t have anyone rooting for them to be better. This post is problematic in that it has some flawed premises regarding such parents’ motivation, and also ignores inclusive positive changes for the parents in question, which would have stronger long-term changes than only taking kids away. It’s one thing to judge a behavior as (un)ethical, it’s another to judge a person from a logically fallacious perception, as this post does in assuming that such parents don’t care. My parents were abusive, and the problem wasn’t that they didn’t care; it was that they didn’t know any better and didn’t have the support/resources to learn and grow to know better. The root cause? People that write stuff like this post, demonizing through black/white thinking what they don’t understand more thoroughly.


  19. When informat read the heading I was like WHAT!! No way someone is writing about this!! Lol!! What a great catchy heading!! I 100% agree! As a child of 15 foster homes before I was 5, to then meeting my mother at age 5, to going through hell and then being signed off by my father and then adopted by my step father! Let me first the first one to tell you, adoption saved my life! For it had not been him alone I would of not made it this far!! Much love!! Great article!!

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  20. I definitely saw what you were doing with your title. Lol. You have to evoke emotion through your titles! Titles mean so much with blogging. I completely understand where you are coming from with this post. I was going to be a counselor and the stories I would hear just made my heart hurt and I can see that is where you are coming from with this post. Hearing sad stories about children and horrible parents definitely makes you think some things. Great post and evoking post!

    Isaly Holland


  21. It’s always easy to pick out the shitty parents. They’re the ones who get defensive and offended by posts like this.

    The good parents understand exactly what you’re saying. You’re not just judging any child who happens to be dirty. You’re saying that neglectful parents who cause harm their children because of their neglect, shouldn’t do that.

    But only the shitty parents feel the need to decent their behavior. Careful… your guilt is showing. Lol.

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