Downfall Of Family

Downfall Of FamilyI find it really sad that a woman who was pregnant at nineteen, and subsequently raised her child alone, thinks there is a downfall of the family unit.

I thought that homeschooling children would strengthen a family unit and create more trust and harmony at home. I didn’t even hear of homeschooling until a few years back, I wouldn’t have even considered this for my child. I actually have a teaching certificate and I wouldn’t feel qualified to teach my child to grade 12 and beyond. (I remember grade four math homework making me feel ill.)

I only have four examples of homeschooling and they are extremely different.

The W. Family, the mom is university educated and suggested that since children learn at different levels and different speeds, she was uncomfortable with public school as her kids may not get the individual attention they need. This is fantastic. If this is one hundred percent of homeschooling, I’m behind it completely.

The N. Family, hmm, ok, so this family is “off the grid”, kids have basically been stolen by Child Protective Services under suspicious, violent and ridiculous circumstances. I haven’t looked into this incident as I’m afraid my heart will be broken, I’ll get angry, and start writing letters that don’t even concern me.

The D. Family, I see them regularly (as you know, totally) and never once did it occur to me that they weren’t giving their children the proper individual attention they needed. Yes, the elders teach the youngsters and the mother is absent and not very educated but they ARE following a curriculum and I’m sure there are tests and rules that need to be followed. I trusted that they were doing the right thing by their children.

Then we have the Four Home-Schooled Brothers Plead Guilty In Rape, Assault Of Sister and The Duggars Respond to Reports That Josh Duggar Was Accused of Child Molestation

I guess my only question is: what in the actual f*ck? Why don’t the victims matter? WHY?

Someone please find me more examples like the W. family, I’m desperate for it.

Based on my opinion only, I know nothing. Choosing this picture made me cry.


9 thoughts on “Downfall Of Family

  1. This is too close to home, and it’s breaking my heart too. I hurt for the silent girls.

    I have two colleagues who are very similar to your W family. Yes, there is good out there too…although I have yet to figure out how in the world a working mother manages to homeschool her kids!

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  2. A very contentious issue. I haven’t heard of any families suffering the way you mention here, but I would question the social aspect of home schooling. Being in school helps children develop social skills – learning to cope with others, social situations and even simple things like sharing. I’m sure with the ‘right’ parent it can and is very successful but in the wrong situation it can lead to some terrible results as you’ve highlighted here.

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  3. Don’t judge all homeschooling families by these examples. We are all different, and do it differently. That’s the wonderful thing about homeschooling- you get to tailor it to your families needs. Abuse happens in public schooling families, too.

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    • I can promise that I do not judge ANY group by the actions of one. Included in this are all religions, all races, and all jobs. (Wait, except stupid people, they are all the same) 🙂


  4. I’m not sure that homeschooling is the common denominator here. As a teacher, I think there’s room for all the options. There are lots of great curriculums out there. There are also lots of varieties of homeschooling – including those that are taking advantage of digital “schools” like those offered through the state of Florida’s virtual school or Penn Foster in PA. There are home school associations where families come together and those with the strongest skills are the ones who teach those subjects.

    I think what happened in with the Duggars and the Jackson family are much more about the families and their views of a woman’s worth than they are about homeschooling.

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  5. I know lots of W families. Dozens. Nobody makes headlines when nothing bad happens. When was the past time you opened the newspaper or logged onto a news website and it said “good news”? One W family has had two valedictorians, FFA leaders and a State Fair king and queen (at separate times). The kids are now kicking butt in college. Ever heard of them? Nope. You never will, either. They are about quality not the limelight. That’s the case with most W families I know.

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