Get Back With Your Ex – A Love Story

Get Back With Your Ex - A Love StoryWell first off, of course he misses you, you are an incredible and amazing woman. He has thought about you every day. He has been reminded of your last encounter a thousand times. Whether it was a fight, or sex, or a quick kiss goodbye, it’s forever stuck in his brain. Isn’t that intoxicating?

He has stalked you on the internet, he has followed your Facebook under an assumed name, he has loved you from afar. He has made contact with members of your family. Wow, he really must love you.

I guess he just didn’t notice it at the time? After years apart, he’s finally come to his senses, and bam, calls you and rekindles the flame? It’s wonderful, see how much he’s changed?

You have entirely forgotten the reasons you broke up with him, he is clearly a different man. His job is different, his life is just different. It won’t be the same, or so you promise yourself.

Well, you got back with your ex, the love of your life. I’m happy for you, call me when it falls apart again, you know it will.

I will be there.


15 thoughts on “Get Back With Your Ex – A Love Story

  1. A while ago my best friend’s mom was divorcing her 2nd husband. Then she got a boob job, and 3 months later THEY REMARRIED.

    Coulda saved lot of attorneys fees if they’d have bought the silicon baggies sooner, I guess.

    At least for a few years, after which they divorced again. Guess she shoulda gone bigger.

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  2. Why is it that they “change” as soon as you leave? Why do they suddenly start doing all the things you begged them to do throughout all those years? It’s all about the chase, I say, and I know what would happen the minute I say yes, let’s get back.

    If I ever go back there again, Baker Act me, ’cause I’ve lost my mind!

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  3. A cautionary tale! You can’t reheat a cold soufflé. We should cherish the fact that we have fond memories of our ex’s (if we do, I only have bad memories about my most recent) rather than ruin those memories by trying to rekindle thd old flame.

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