He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

He Loves Me, He Loves Me NotPeople will show you they love you in dozens of little ways, you don’t need to hear the words. It is easy to see when someone loves you.

If a man who loves you hears even the slightest problem with your car, he mentions it to you. He will tell you to have it checked, or check it himself. He will likely make you drive his car until he is satisfied that it’s safe.

They text regularly just to make sure you’re ok, it may only be a quick “hey babe”, but that is what he’s doing. He’s waiting for you to answer, so that he knows you’re not dead or hurt or sad.

They silently support you during the tough times, you may not even notice his hand on your back. You don’t feel his warm presence? It’s there, it’s there while you sleep and it’s there when you are awake. He is behind you. He is watching, waiting and protecting you.

They bring home things that you love because he listened when you said that you love them. It may only be a caraway rye, but he knows you love caraway rye! He remembers the small things, which, really, are the big things.

If you have a man who knows you like black pants, red flowers and blue paint. He knows you like caraway rye, peach smoothies and beer. He knows you wear a size “six” ok, an eight, but he will say six! If you have a man who knows you, you have a man who loves you.

Bitch, don’t let him go, you have it all.

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18 thoughts on “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

  1. My husband isn’t the “remember our anniversary” or “bring her flowers” type. But he is always there when I need him. If I say I need something, he’ll find a way to bring me 10 of it. He spent weeks getting the cars going again. You are so right! A man worth keeping might not say, “I love you,” but he shows in his actions that love is there. 🙂

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  2. So true, I love cherries (as you can probably tell) It’s really hard to get them here reasonably priced. In the last month he’s brought me back cherries twice when he was working away. He’s done more repairs around here in the last few weeks than I’ve done in the last few years. He just remembers the little things 🙂

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