In Case I Get Alzheimer’s

In Case I Get AlzheimersI thought it would be a good idea, in case I get Alzheimer’s, to write down some memories that are dear to me. I’m not expected to get Alzheimer’s, and no one in my family has had it, but I don’t want to lose these memories.

When I was a kid my dad would take my sister and I to the beach. He taught us to swim and he would always throw us over his shoulders into the water. He would buy us crinkle cut french fries and an Eskimo Pie. I bought crinkle cut fries today, so you know.

When I was a kid in grade five, there was a boy named Stephen who would always put a little chocolate bar in my desk. He never actually talked to me about it, and he never asked me out.**Starts looking for Stephen.

When I was a kid my mom taught me how to do needlepoint and bake.

I used to dip chicken in ketchup.

I was drinking tea at age five and was drinking coffee soon after.

I started smoking when I was about twelve.

I almost drowned the last time I went swimming.

I talk to dead people and get messages from them regularly.

I believe I can start fires with my mind. I have some incidents to prove this.

So, what I’m saying is, if I get Alzheimer’s and start talking about drowning, dead people and starting fires with my mind… it’s NOT the Alzheimer’s, it’s just me.

Do you have any memories you want immortalized in this blog post? Leave them in the comments below.

If your family member is suffering fromΒ Alzheimer’s, I am so sorry, it’s frigging horrible. Hugs.

For more information, please checkout this website.Β 


55 thoughts on “In Case I Get Alzheimer’s

  1. When my wife’s grandfather got Alzheimer’s, he could remember stuff from when he was a kid but he couldn’t remember he let the dog out when he was dogsitting for us when we went to Mexico on vacation.

    He may have also thought he could start fires with his mind. I never asked, darnit.

    I guess what I’m saying is, it’s a pre-emptive list only if we KNOW Alzheimer’s is not already in effect, you know? And if it’s not… then Alzheimer’s may not actually be your biggest issue. That sounded a lot less nice than I intended. But I would like to know more about this communicating with the dead ting. Have you written about it anywhere? I don’t necessarily have anyone I need to contact but it’s an intriguing premise.

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  2. I have two really strong memories from when I was a kid. The first one, I woke up, I must of been about 7 or 8 to see a guy in my bedroom, he was dressed as a farmer and was just staring at me. Surprisingly I don’t remember being scared that a random stranger was in my room in the middle of the night, he then just turned and walked through the wall, which I found weird, not because he walked the through the wall but because the door was right next to him. Later, I researched the house and found that my house use to be a farm house back in the 1700’s and all the land round was all farm land and were the farmer went through the wall was use to be a door, till someone remodelled it.

    my second memory is when I was about 3 or 4, my sisters took me swimming and they took their eyes off me, so I took my armbands off and got into the pool and promptly started to drown the only thing I had in my head was an episode of Tom and Jerry, were Tom was drowning in a pond and he waved his arms to get attention, so that is what I did, next day my dad took me down to the local pool and started to teach me how to swim

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  3. I do in fact suffer from severe memory deficit, so I make it a point to photograph, video, write down, and deliberately memorize EVERYTHING that I can as I move through my life. I treasure my past, present, and future, and I hold onto my memories as fiercely as I can. I know that one day they’ll slip away for good. But I’ll have my things to remind me of what once was….

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  4. They say that when you have altzeimers or dementia, your memories are triggered by key pieces of music. We all need to create a soundtrack to our lives in preparation. Thanks for sharing this post.

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  5. Here’s the memory I need immortalized: Right after I started blogging, I started reading this horribly funny blog that made me laugh like hell. This chick made me all kinds of jealous but also want to do a whole hell of a lot better.

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  6. This is such a great idea! As a nurse that has worked with Alzheimer’s (and other) dementias, this would be something that might sooth the one’s with the disease and assist those that take care of them! After seeing soooo many come through our unit over the past 14 years, (and my lifestyle choices) I’m pretty sure that someday I will be there with them.

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  7. I used to eat lettuce with mustard on white bread. I know it sounds gross but was really good.
    I could eat Ranch with anything: hot wings, pizza, sandwiches, noodles….
    Bacon is the only meat I want to eat. To me it is a gift from the Gods.

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