Digital Mommy

KiDigital Mommyds are hard and it must be a godsend to give them an iPad and a couple of websites. It will make long drives completely silent and allow for the adults to do their thing. You can hand your child this object and ensure their silence for hours.

Ain’t it grand? You can arrange it so you never have to talk to your children at all.

You don’t have to talk to them about the farms you drive by. The ones that grow their fruit, vegetables and meat.

You don’t have to show them the interesting architecture in the area, the round house, the cool house, that gorgeous old church.

You don’t have to show them the places you grew up, the old ice cream parlours, the beach you had your first kiss.

You can give them the iPad and have wonderful silence.

Silence is golden. Teaching your children the ways of the world is priceless.


68 thoughts on “Digital Mommy

  1. It continues to amaze me how people want kids but don’t want them to be kids. My daughter couldn’t talk and walk for the longest time. I loved watching kids play, run around and talk up a storm. I’ve talked to her non-stop, hoping to give her vocabulary and opening her horizon. We take her everywhere, still talk to her non-stop (she does talk now) and continue to broaden her horizon. I try really hard to not let the tv and iPad be in charge…

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  2. Couple of weeks ago brother and children came over and nephews and nieces hyper as usual, those adorable ages of 7-10 and come a certain time sister-in-law gives them their ‘Tesco’ tablets, so there they all are sitting in a silent line on the sofa all engrossed in Minecraft and I says to sis…. “wonderful baby sitters arn’t they”, she looked up from the silence of her magazine and laughed! (True story)

    πŸ™‚ x

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  3. I get on my daughter all the time for burying her head in her Ipad when we are traveling and then she misses something interesting. Hard to get on her too much though because she is usually reading so it’s a delicate balancing act.

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  4. I loved this post, and children can so easily get caught up with the TV and video games. I try to limit their use and ensure we have walking, sports, reading, homework – so all is balanced. I must admit mine don’t take their kindles in the car unless we are going on holiday or something. We always play a game in the car and you have to duck when you go under a bridge (obviously not the person driving) – otherwise you bang ur head – oh and the car colour game. We recently went away and had to drive through some mountains and the children adored the scenery as it was so beautiful. #bigfatlinky

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  5. I myself am guilty of this (this morning, even). I do, however, try to not make a habit of it. A lot of the time, though, we do look at the farms, animals, bridges, architecture, etc. we pass on the way to our destinations.

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  6. I agree with you on this post. People are far too quick to silence their kids with technology. I live for the road trips that we take with our son. We’ve traveled all over the states, seen hundreds of sights, and have had thousands of deep, meaningful conversations about the world, life, and the beautiful surroundings as we pass through them. We’ve got tons of games that we play together in the car, many of which we’ve made up ourselves over the years! I cannot imagine just plugging him in to shut him up. My kid has a beautiful mind, and I love hearing his thoughts on the universe. πŸ’–

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  7. Perfectly summed up. You are absolutely spot on with this post. I try every day to let my kids be kids, to use their imaginations and to teach them something new. Because then just a little tiny bit of their magic rubs off on me πŸ™‚

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  8. So much wisdom in this post.
    Yeah, no. We all get screen time, but that’s not what life is about! Now, if I could only tell adult visitors to put their phones away and pay attention to what’s actually happening…

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  9. I almost came in full tilt wind-milling you, but thankfully kept reading and realized where you were coming from (good thing for you… kidding). My daughter and I have the BEST times on our drives and thus her nickname Goose. Since the early days that she could talk, she has been my navigator in the car while we travel near, far, and even abroad. Too bad for those parents losing out on precious time to get to know their children (and then they bitch about how time flies and never had a chance to talk….)

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  10. This is such a great reminder to parents to seize the moment to spend time with their kids and teach them about the world around them. My kids spend a lot of time on technology, but we also make darn certain they get loads of time OFF of it too. Finding a balance between it all is key.

    Thank you for sharing such a short but powerful post with us on the #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup. I hope you’ll join us again tonight at 8PM EST.

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  12. Digitally disengaged. Smartphones are the ones who come to collect children from school these days. And the headphones. I’ve had more conversations with headphones in ears than I care to remember.

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  13. This is important to remember. The car is the only time I do give my son my phone, or the train as he gets sick travelling so these seem to help. Though I want him to be aware of the world, and be present in it. We play yellow car over and over in the car. And I spy. I need to get more creative! Thank you for linking to #stayclassymama xx

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  14. Oh I totally agree with you. In fact we don’t even own an ipad and they are only allowed on the phone very rarely! We definitely need to be talking and doing more with our kids. Silence sure is golden sometimes but we are raising the next generation and surely we don’t want them to be mute. Thank you for sharing with #SatyClasyMama

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