Easy Things To Do When You’re Broke

Easy Things To Do When You're BrokeI don’t know if anyone that reads my blog has been broke like some have been, like me, many times. Luckily, the happiest times of my life were the times my family had very little money. We had fun instead of money. There are a few things that you can give up and eventually you won’t even notice they’re gone.

For example, toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss, screw it. Let your teeth rot right out of your head, eventually you won’t even notice they’re gone.

Ok, I actually intended this to be a serious post, but things just went haywire. Sorry.

One of the first things I gave up when I went broke was flowers, flowers are pretty and they brighten your day. You know what else will brighten your day? Ten bucks.

Magazines, sure they are reasonably entertaining, Kardashians, Jenners, The Royal Family and whomever. Who the eff cares? Read that crap online.

Do you still go to the movies? Unless it is super important and can “only” be seen on the big screen, don’t go. Have a decent TV and watch that at home. Although if you only saw Jurassic Park on a television, you didn’t see the movie at all. Ya, I said it, I’m old.

Knick knacks for shelves, various pencil sharpeners of the world if you will. Your frog collection is fascinating, but you’re broke now. Enough.

Fake nails, I don’t want to even tell you the money I used to spend on this type of crap. I can actually grow really pretty nails, all on my own, for freaking free. Grow your own nails and buy the tools to do your own mani/pedi. (More on this is coming.)

However, there are a few things you should buy to make you happy enough to not cry at night.

Mayonnaise, it will cost you about 4 bucks and you’ll have it six months. If you have actual mayo, you can make deviled eggs. Who isn’t happy eating those? I’ll give you a kick ass recipe and it’ll cost you a couple of eggs. It will feel like a happy, family picnic, truly. Potato and macaroni salads are cheap and filling, again… picnic, same four bucks.

Makeup, nail polish and products for your skin. If you do your own pedicure you can save three hundred or more dollars a year. The tools are twenty-five dollars, plus a couple sexy red nail polishes.

It isn’t always easy getting through the leaner times but leave the “stupid” luxuries behind.

If you haven’t noticed, I used to be extremely frivolous with my spending and had a very serious shopping addiction. To this day, just parking my car at the mall gives me terrible anxiety, but savings…. 500 bucks.

I’m going to talk more about that in the future, stay tuned.

Do you guys have any tips for feeling a little luxurious even while you’re broke?



Easy Things To Do When You're Broke


89 thoughts on “Easy Things To Do When You’re Broke

  1. None at all, but this is really helpful. I’m normally broke and highly unhappy unless I’m writing or creating/crafting something. That makes me happy. Then it makes me sad when I don’t have the money to replenish my supplies and I can’t create anymore. That is a horrible double edge sword that I simply can’t give up.

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  2. hehehehehe, shall we call you toothless? I used to fry up a whole chicken, get a bag of chips, a cooler of Kool-Aid and take everyone fishing with me. I could get out and the kids could romp around the lake.

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  3. I’m with you on that. Who needs all that matrial shit! The simple luxury I love is coconut oil. I put that shit on everything! Skin care, nails, as a supplement! Yum!

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  4. There have been several times in my life when I’ve been that broke. My daughter was a teenager when I was between jobs and we’d go to the Kentucky Fried Chicken to order a cup of water and something off the dollar menu (2 chicken wings and a biscuit). We’d sit and talk. It was one of my happiest memories. When I did find work, I was busy 10 hours a day with only a day off. We had more money coming in, but you can’t put a price on mother-daughter time.

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  5. Now that I live with just my two daughters, one of our favorite possessions is our nail caddy. We bought one of those really cute makeup caddies at Target and have gradually filled it up with all kinds of pretty nail polishes and supplies (some received as gifts, others bought with my drug store discount). It’s lovely to open up the caddy, take our pick and do each other’s nails 🙂

    When I lived in Philadelphia with my son (who is now an adult), I did not have a car, so I would buy a monthly rail pass. It is the equivalent of paying for one tank of gas and getting unlimited use all month long (well, maybe a little bit more than a tank of gas). On weekends, we would take to the rails and visit all the free museums the city had to offer. Sometimes, we would take the train to an entirely different town and just walk around the town and do a lot of window shopping. The Schuylkill River was a favorite place for a picnic. Going to Mass at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul or at Villanova brought it’s own adventure…I can go on and on.

    Now, my daughters and I would gladly trade a crazy night out at the theater dealing with long lines and expensive snacks for a cozy night curled up on our couch in front of the fireplace watching something from the very affordable Netflix.

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  6. I’m always doing my own hair, the kid’s and my hubby’s, and my own nails. We also go to every few thing we find. We’re all about a cheap dinner at Costco, the dollar movie theater, thrift stores (nabbed a pair of $500 Michael Kors jeans for a mere $15), coupons for EVERYTHING, clearance EVERYTHING, the Target Red card that links to my bank account and gives me 5% off every purchase… I could go on for an eternity. We’ve lived on one meager income for 12 years now. I can stretch a dollar a mile lol! I was born into a dirt poor family, so I’m frugal. We do manage to look very well of though. I’m not one who cares to impress others, but we nevertheless look polished and put together at all times!

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  7. we go through 10 days a month with no money in our pockets but food in the fridge, cupboards etc, But we always meal plan, batch cook, we don’t have coupons the same way the States do, which is a shame because I think I would be brilliant at them, But one of the best things we do is have eggs, you can paint them, eat them, plant seeds in the eggs shells, make a dragon out the boxes, Eggs are amazing, so if you are ever skint make sure you have some eggs

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  8. I live in Melbourne, Australia and on the weekends our public transport is really cheap (for us maybe not for you Americans) so we can get to all the free stuff in the city for very little money. Also, I have started using the library a lot since I am an avid book lover. I also watch out for the kindle specials. I love your mayonnaise plan – potato salad just happens to be my favourite :-). Great post!

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  9. I’m here from the #blogsharelearn linkup and I have to say congratulations for waking up to that hamster wheel of consumerism. Since my husband and I “rightsized” and went debt free about five years ago, we are big fans of the “less is more” crowd. Not only does it get easier, it is so liberating you can’t imagine any other way.

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  10. I am in that place now. I try to find free or low cost activities. I recently joined a women’s group and she asks for 20 dollars a week. I told her I couldn’t do that. She said no worries just come. It is a great place for me to go and bond with women. Getting out in nature is free. People watching at a park is free, but people might think you’re crazy! I’ve gone to free art exhibits. You’re so right about the magazines. I love all kinds of magazines. I buy too many and they sit in my drawer for a while. People is 5 dollars, that is nuts! Thanks for the tips.
    Traci 😊

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  11. Thanks for sharing these great tips with #ShowcaseTuesday and yea if you are that set on throwing out the toothbrush and toothpaste, bicarbonate soda is a good toothpaste substitute and gets those pearly whites whiter than white – not so sure about what you can substitute the toothbrush with – finger maybe 😅😅

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  12. Flowers. Who says you have to spend 10.00 on a bouquet? My favorite displays come right out of my garden. Favorite time of year? When the lilacs are out…..they look gorgeous and smell wonderful and they are priceless!

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  13. I’ve always thought it was key to know what you can live with and what you can live without, and I’ve been in a place where I’ve literally had to choose between a tube of toothpaste and a stick of deodorant. Those times are long gone, but I still cut and colour my own hair and do my own nails. I re-use, up-cycle, and make-do and mend. There are still things that money can and can’t buy. Experience is priceless, but sometimes costs money. Other things are simply transferring wealth, so I do buy art and jewellery, but always things that I love. There are also things that cost us all, so save water and energy; an extra layer of clothes will allow you to turn the heating down a couple of degrees and keep your carbon footprint down, walk to avoid burning petrol when you don’t need to, and you’ll be getting great exercise. Use energy efficient light bulbs, they cost a little more, but, again, great for the planet. Composting is good for the soul, and the garden, and then you get to have flowers in your home again. Smiles.


  14. I am probably broker than anyone here. One thing I always splurge on is Dr. Pepper. Gotta have it! I also LOVE the library… you can come home with 15 books and feel like you are rich… at least, that is, if you love to read as much as I do. Also the library in my new town doesn’t charge overdue fees. So, THAT is helpful!

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  15. Bubble Bath, candles from dollar store, walking the beach or just sitting on the bench and checking out people walking the beach and the library has cute men !! Yes, they do, been there seen them…Oh and you can use the internet for free!!..Oh yes, Mayo is also good for the skin!!..XOX

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  16. Whenever we go on road trips or even just a trip to the park, I always bring capri-suns (in my kids’ favorite flavor), two big bottles of water (one still, one sparkling) and a bag of cashew nuts (everyone’s favorite). Beats the hunger pangs until we get to a decent resto. Or until we get back home.

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  17. Coffee! Add a couple pinches of cinnamon or nutmeg to your brew beans….and/or extracts – vanilla, almond….you can buy a whole bottle for less than the cost of one cup of frou-frou coffee out.

    Try homemade hot cocoa. So decadent….Also baking at home is pretty cheap!

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  18. Can’t file my own nails for crap, but I do my own pedicures – does that count? Lol, great post as always. And I used to feel the same love for mayo when I was younger and broke, then I got sick of it. Oh, and I’m with you on the movies. Movies used to be fun, now they are a luxury that I’m not even comfortable going to. Who needs lineups, expensive parking, junk food and being afraid to go to the bathroom if I miss something? Give me my couch, free reign on my snacks, a remote control for pause and rewind for those parts I just had to hear again, and I’m a happy camper. 🙂

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  19. When I’m really broke, I try hard to change my mindset from “luxuries” to “things that will make me happy,” or from “having things” to “doing things.”

    Part of it is also about budgeting–I makes sure to budget enough for a fun thing each paycheck or each month (something small) so that I make sure I have some fun but don’t go overboard.

    But mostly I try to go to parks, go on dates with my husband to places like hiking trails and free museums, etc. I spoil myself by finding free stuff to do that is a new or interesting experience. Those are my luxuries.

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  20. I love deviled eggs! Here is a super simple one that might only please me…I like making iced tea and filling a tall glass with ice before pouring the tea over it. I like the cracking sound of the ice and then I sip it outside in the sun and do nothing else at the same time. Its a sensory experience that also adds caffeine.

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  21. I agree we waste money on things that just don’t matter. As you begin cutting things out and realize how much more money you have to save it’s crazy! We don’t usually add up all the little things that we buy over time.

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  22. Oh I swear I am the queen of cheap living. Fancy coffee… ummm no. Dinners out… I cook way better and save a ton of money. Who needs fancy lotions and face creams. Plain old coconut oil works perfect. The older I get, all the crap we spend money on seems ridiculous compared to money in the bank.

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  23. I love to hike on trails, there is always a new one to be found. Right now is a great time to hike in the mountains and see the fall leaves. Oh and there are fall festivals every weekend. The food costs money there but it is usually really cheap.
    Oh and you can make mayonnaise from scratch too.
    I love cooking. Recently I made hummus and pita. (the ingredients cost money but cheaper than eating out)

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