Why I Don’t Vote

Why I Don't VoteIf you don’t vote, you can’t complain.

So if you DO vote, you get to turn into an asshole? There are constant Facebook statuses of the Government wasting money, the state of welfare and immigration. Nothing but complaints, on and on they go. So get out there and vote! Vote in someone new! Go vote for Trudeau!! Do it! I dare you!


Truly, the idea of voting for ANY of these people is laughable. You think I’d actually vote for Justin Trudeau? I’d rather vote for Justin Bieber at this point. Ok, so I’ll bring Harper back for another few years, um, please no.

If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.

I will put my trust in the Canadian people and on Tuesday I will see what has been done. Luckily, no matter the outcome, you can’t blame me for that shit. Don’t worry, I won’t complain, I’ll just laugh.

Nice hair though.

PS I know absolutely nothing about the government and how it works. I like it that way.

Edited to include this brilliant response from Ranting Along, check it out here.


37 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Vote

  1. I guess the idea is, if I can convince you not to vote and to trust the populace to make a decent decision, and I can convince large portions of the populace of the same thing, then MY vote becomes worth a lot more. If me and my ilk decide to fuck things up for you for our own benefit, then it’s somehow on you for not voting. And I’m fine with that. When my side wins. When the other side wins, I’m mad that the populace didn’t educate themselves on the issues and vote the way they obviously would have – my way – if they were smarter and educated in the issues.

    So where I live, sunny Florida, we have lawsuits designed to throw our R state into turmoil if enough D’s get angry. Watch what unbridled illegal immigration does to R Texas, and what nicey nicey relations with Cuba do to R Florida, as well as putting marijuana legalization initiatives on the ballots. I guess pot smokers are more likely to be Ds than Rs. We can’t just have a difference of opinion, we have to be evil, stupid, hate women, kick puppies…

    It’s enough to make you wanna throw your hands up and not vote.


  2. The suffragettes ddint go through hell so we could roll our eyes at voting, Stilll today people risk life and limb to fight for their chance to have a say where they live. . Dont treat what you have like its nothing-

    In Oz voting is compulsory, you dont vote you get a fine. There are around 180 countires in the world and maybe 15 have complulsory voting, I`m glad we do.

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  4. As women we had no rights, but it took brave women to get us the freedom to do so…Yes, none may be right, all maybe ass holes , but Darling, those women’s voices or yours should not be hidden, because of that …We are ass holes too some days…VOTE for them and the right to do so…XOXOXO

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  5. I vote (I’m American, not Canadian, so I can’t comment intelligently on Trudeau), but I’m pretty disconnected from the candidates, too. In California, though, we do have initiatives where we can go over the heads of our elected officials and make our own laws. There are always a few at least on the ballot.

    I like those. We’ve voted in more humane laws for farm livestock (particularly chickens), better water management, levees, and stuff like that. Things you can see and understand.

    So I’ll keep voting for now. But I understand not being able to find a candidate you can support. US–same thing, different country, I’m sure.

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  6. Don’t get me started! My sentiments exactly. When they give me someone worthwhile to vote for who will actually do something to stop choking us wth taxes I may consider. They’re all puppets promising the moon, controlled by the companies who drive their campaigns, leaving a trail of broken promises out of their hands. We’re at their mercy either way. That’s why I don’t vote. πŸ™‚

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  7. This is the only time I disagree while agreeing. I think intelligent people who research their community leaders & assess what would make their lives or the lives of others better should vote. I believe there should be an aptitude test for those running & those voting! Lol!


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