Blogger Envy

Blogger EnvyYep, I have it too. They make money, you’re making nothing. They are using your group boards and your friends and you are resentful. You aren’t making money. Your blog post has hundreds of thousands of views, and that doesn’t help you. They are piggy backing on your success. Please do various guest posting on other sites, they make money, you get one new hit to YOUR blog.

It is a f*cking drag.

I work really hard on my blog. I engage all my followers, I invite interesting conversation and yet people piggy back on me and make money.

I never intended to make money off my blog. I wanted my name out there so that when my book was published, you’d know who I was. But I’ll be damned if MY blog is going to be used to make someone else money.

Funny how money has never defined me, who else can say that?


52 thoughts on “Blogger Envy

  1. I guess I didn’t think of money angle. I have more achievable goal of getting something published. Money is nice, but then it limits what you can post. I have had the “but you posted something like this before!”. Writing seems organic and expandable, not with others getting a piece.

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  2. Early on I understood that marketing was not one of my forte’s. Doing a guest post is like trying to sell cosmetics, crystal, or tupperware at parties. You’re a guest in someone’s home and you could spend hours of your time on presentation but everyone came for the cheese, crackers and entertainment leaving you with nothing but a wasted evening. πŸ™‚

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  3. I don’t blog for money either! It seems a little like panning for gold with a paper bag! I just cannot believe that you can make actual real money this way. I must be very naive!

    I started my blog as a bit of fun, and for writing practice, and now I love it. It’s my own personal ranty corner!

    I also get blog envy sometimes; mostly when others have a fabulously designed page, or they are funnier/cleverer than me!! (not hard!) πŸ˜‰

    So you’re not alone, Skinny!

    Hugs, The Hedgehog x

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  4. Great post πŸ™‚ and wow this is a complex subject laced with lol envy and jealousy and the ‘dirty lucre’! And I’d never thought about the guesting making others money…… mind you I doubt I’d get my ‘licking pussy sucking labia’ post would get on onto a blog!
    ( πŸ˜€ do you want it???? JOKING!!!!

    Honey I love you ❀ your posts are so interesting and yes lol I'm slightly envious in a nice cuddly way! I get a few comments and a few likes from lovely people, yes I'd like more but I stop and always think back to starting 8 months ago and knowing someone has enjoyed my written post is enough, the truth btw, knowing I made someone laugh gives me such a thrill πŸ™‚

    Hugs, love Andrew

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  5. Money does not define me at all. It does not motivate me. Nope. That’s probably why my last job was difficult for me. The higher ups were motivated by money. I just wanted to do what was right.

    As far as writing, I write to exercise my brain. If I got paid for it, then awesome. It’s certainly not anything I am seeking though.

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  6. Nice heads up here L. I never thought of the guest posts I’ve done for companies – where they went in the cyber world after I’ve done the posts. Good food for thought. But, on the flip side, it’s still exposure for YOU. You’re name will fly around and be ready for your book’s birth!!!! πŸ™‚

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  7. I can’t do ANYTHING “just for money…” I just don’t have it in me. If I am unhappy with a job, I leave. If I don’t like something, I find something new. Money doesn’t make my world…I focus on family and happiness instead.

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  8. Thanks for the heads up on “guest posts” I’ve been offered a few spots on travel blogs and never got around to it, and after reading this, fuck it, never will. If I am writing for free it’s for my blog, or maybe for fun on a blog I enjoy reading, or for a good cause, but not to help someone make money. Never thought of it like that, cheers.

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  9. That sucks because I love your blog and I totally think you should get paid for. There are bloggers who write meaningless things and get paid (they aren’t adding to our lives). But your writing is amazing. I love your content!

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  10. Agreed! I remember when blogging was a hobby, passion, we all shared, for the sake of sharing, showing our passion, art, photos, you name it….. I like to keep it that way too! (Also, when a hobby meets money, often it changes after, it won’t be the same?!..)

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  11. Don’t you sign up for guests posts knowing first hand that the blog you are writing on will have a monetary benefit? I can see why it must be upsetting, but at least their readers will be exposed to your writing and if you do a fantastic guest post they will be intrigued by you and visit your own blog, hopefully!

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  12. I hate that damn blogger envy. I get it all the time and here I was thinking that guest posting was going to be my ticket to freedom lol, I am now considering ditching the idea entirely. Oh well, I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t waste time doing it.

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  13. I feel like I came late to this party (hi from Twitter by the way!). I actually set a goal to write 25 guest posts this year to try and get my blog a little bit of traction, so to speak, but this post kind of casts doubt on how effective that would be.

    Would you say it’s better to just steer clear of guest posting? Or would we get some good results as long as we do our research and find the ‘right’ place to post?

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