Dear Cancer Care Ontario

Dear Cancer Care OntarioI appreciate your letter advising that I don’t have cervical cancer, that is fantastic news. Cervical cancer sucks big bag.

In saying that, I would like to bring your attention to several things.

Your unmarked envelope with the words “confidential – only for the addressee” made me ill. It was an immediate, uncontrollable and unexplained response; I still didn’t know what the letter was!

I started looking over the envelope, on the back, in tiny writing, were the words “Cancer Care Ontario.”

You took five years off of my life and I hadn’t even opened it yet.

For the love of women, please change the way you are giving us this information. If I did have cervical cancer, would the letter say “your test result was abnormal, please contact your physician for further information on how you have three months to live. Thank you for taking the time to get this test done.”

Thank you for theย form letter about my vagina. Next time you should include a human touch.

Love always,

Cancer Free Skinz

This letter was sent to the Vice President of Prevention and Cancer Control of Ontario.

Edit: I heard back from Cancer Care Ontario offering an email address to continue the conversation further. My plan is to include some of the comments below when I respond.


26 thoughts on “Dear Cancer Care Ontario

  1. They need a better software program one that personalizes letters like that. Nothing fancy, I don’t think we’re asking too much to have our name on the notice ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s not like our health card isn’t on file somewhere.

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  2. I got one several years ago, same scary litany… And on the inside of the envelope it said “we need to do a pre cancer screening as your pap test was within abnormal limits”?!??!!! Umm… Ok. I believe I was maybe 42. I had to have cryogenic sugery in the office for a “friable cervix”…….How about some humanity here??? When I was all of twenty five, I remember my gynecologist’s office calling, ” we saw some abnormal cells… Can you come in for another test “??? After I mentally stroked out, the coy and cool female said.”just a few abnormal cells in your urine sample “!!?!??!! Ok… So…she could not tell me thst first??? I know these are only two incidents. Another was after a mammogram. I am received a call. “we see a shadow on one of the screens (I have 3-D imaging done annually), can you please stop in for another screening”??? OK. There goes another traumatized weekend. She called at 455 on a Friday. It was the technicians arm reflected on the glass screen. Yes.. My insurance was billed twice. These are highly rated places in Michigan. No clinics. I expect decent and courteous behavior from trained professionals. This is an outrage . I am sorry they scared the shit out of you. I know. Been there/ done that. ๐Ÿ˜ก

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    • Aw Skinz, I thought about the touch/vagina connection, long and hard I might add, but I was at work so I had to stop it. :?P

      yay skinz! Cancer-free from ski to zee! yippee!


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  3. Have you gotten a response to this yet? I’ve wondered about these letters. I get them too and can’t understand why my doctor isn’t just giving me the info on test results – ie: in addition to this being weird and scare-inducing – I also think it’s unnecessary.

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