The Loneliest Christmas

The Loneliest ChristmasI may be alone, but I’m not in the middle of horrible grief.

I may be alone, but I’m grateful that I haven’t buried a parent (well, not in more than a decade at least), husband or child.

I may be alone, but at least I’m not in a coffin. There is nothing lonelier than a coffin.

Cherish every day.

PS I need to learn to be kinder to people, maybe there’s a good reason why people are assholes.



31 thoughts on “The Loneliest Christmas

  1. I do enjoy people bringing us perspective during the holidays.

    (I also enjoy when people comment on my blog, reminding me that I was planning to do the same thing. My brain is too scattered these days. I need a vacation.)

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  2. It’s better to be at peace with yourself. Focusing on what you have is far better then worrying about what you don’t have. Merry Christmas darling. And sometimes, people are just made that way. 😉


  3. I posted a graphic on my facebook today with the following words…

    “Spare a thought for those who will be on their own this Christmas time…..also, spare a thought for those who won’t be on their own this Christmas time……but wish they were!”

    Happy Christmas x

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  4. (I work hard at not being too much of an asshole! Please tell me I’m not on that list!) The years that I was alone at Christmas, I turned into the years that I communed with nature. As cold as some Christmas mornings were, I would get up and go to my favorite hiking place, even if that meant putting snowshoes on my boots. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

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