Five Ways To Avoid Being Clingy

Five Ways To Avoid Being Clingy.pngMother always told me to never call a guy and to wait for him to call. Lame, I’m calling dudes whenever I want, but I’m independent, so I know the line. (Why do I hear laughter?)

    1. You don’t have to see or talk to your guy every day. If you haven’t slept with him, and you’re only dating, why would you even want to?

2. Don’t leave things at his place. Sure, it’s nice to have some spare tampons, toothbrushes, clean underwear, pantyhose, extra jeans and three shirts, but honey, that’s your whole damned house! He doesn’t need that.

3. Don’t stare at him through his windows at night. Guys hate it and really, it makes you look bad. Crouching in the bushes? Yuck.

4. Pretending you’re pregnant to make him love you? There you go, classy stuff, you’ll be raising that thing all on your own.

5. Finally, and most importantly, if he wakes up in bed besideΒ you? You make damned sure you were invited.

Mother would approve of this post.

24 thoughts on “Five Ways To Avoid Being Clingy

  1. I want to send this to my ex and highlight #3. Unfortunately, I already know her response. “I never crouched in your bushes or even stared through your windows. I only sat in my car and stared at your house. Multiple times.” It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s reading this right now. You really did help me laugh about it. Thanks.

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