Dear Hateful Baby Momma

Baby Momma
What can I say, I’ve watched you for years.

I’ve watched you come up with various reasons to keep your children away from their father. I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it on Facebook and at Christmas, it truly hurts me.

I’ve watched you do this a hundred times. To you, he’s a bad father, why is that? His children didn’t think he was a bad father. His children just loved their daddy, they just did.

Why are men only bad fathers when they aren’t with the mother anymore?

If you’re guilty of keeping your kids away from their dad, ask yourself this; are you doing it because of something he did to them? Or something he did to you?

Look in the mirror as you’re asking yourself this if you can. Oh, you can? Ok, now imagine you have to justify it to ten bikers.

Call him, call him right now.




Dear Hateful Baby Momma






43 thoughts on “Dear Hateful Baby Momma

  1. I have always said, both created those children out of love, just because one or both have fallen out of love does not mean the products ie Children , have to chose sides of any kind…Both Parents need to teach LOVE , not sides……..Then the tug of war begins and leads to heartache for those children when they become Adults.. What have we taught those poor children!!…As the love that brought them into the world was discarded out of hate..Sad….Sorry long post today eh!! XXOOX

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  2. This post saddens me a bit, for it is how my Son’s Maternal family treated me. They would not let me take him farther than the city I lived in, and I am pretty sure they tried to tell him things about me that just were not true.
    Funny, though, when with me, I rarely had to discipline him for acting out, but every time I went to pick him up again, she told me he acted up when I brought him home- not doing what he’s told, talking back. I would not tell him she lied or anything bad. Instead, I had to plea with him to do what he’s told, or they would stop letting me get him.
    The entire situation would require a book to explain, almost. Hateful? I think more her family than she, but she picked up on it before too long, and joined in.
    I digress, now.

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  3. Yes! I have seen too many women treat their exes like pirraeas because they were so full of hatred towards but these are the same men who love their kids and would do anything for them. My Ex became a BETTER father after our split and I appreciate that so much. My boys love their dad and are very close to him. I don’t understand why women do that. They can’t seem to get past their own issues to see that the father isn’t the only person they are hurting. You put it such a great way!

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  4. Dear Hateful Onlooker,

    Every situation isn’t as cut and dry as a woman being hateful because she isn’t loved by the man who fathered her children anymore.
    For every time that you assume that there is a “hateful baby momma” throwing her weight around, I think you should give some thought to the fact that life isn’t about “tit for tat” to everyone.
    I’ve seen women keep their children away from the fathers because of the lifestyles that they hope to keep their children from. Drugs, mutliple women, alcoholism, addiction to pornography, video games…
    Some of these women understand that in some instances the men aren’t able to put their children before themselves.

    From the window looking in, I might appear to be that “hateful baby momma”. I prefer to raise my son with myself as the primary parent. I believe in my heart that I offer him the stability that a child should have when growing up.
    The fact is that after 3 years of marriage and just 6 weeks after giving birth to our son, my ex husband felt that it was acceptable to remove himself from our lives by moving to another state to pursue a life with or without me. Before this he had nurtured the above mentioned addictions to porn and video games and after the birth of my son, I was not able to continue “letting things slide”. He demanded that we move closer to his family, I didn’t feel as though it was fair to move me away from my own family and support system when he had never as a husband proved that he was worthy to follow. Based on the fact that he is male, our religion dictates that I follow him. But I chose not to for one simple reason… My son deserves better than growing up under the image of a man who isn’t inclined to consider his children before all else. Tell me? Would you be singing the same tune of you were stuck with over $10k in hospital bills from the delivery and stay? Would you be telling me how I should be if you were now forced to facilitate a visitation schedule across several state lines all in the name of playing fair. And by the way, I HAVE facilitated an interstate agreement. I am currently seeking to have it modified for my sons needs as a pre schooler and soon after elementary schooler.
    It’s people like you who have ZERO idea as to the torment that “hateful baby mommas” have to go through.

    He chose to leave. What’s more? He chose to move several states away. And I’m wrong for seeking full custody and asking that I not be robbed of time with my child because of someone else’s decision to move to another state? For the first year he offered little to no support. He didn’t pay for the first 4 months after the court mandated a support agreement. But I’m “hateful”? Please. Keep quiet about what you truly don’t know about.

    Don’t make a cover letter to “hateful baby mommas”. You clearly haven’t thought about each and every circumstance. Even if you did, my biological father was a run around with a different woman every night. Women who belittled my sister and I. Women who saw us as burdens and inferior. I sure am glad that my mother thought about what was best for me when deciding to keep me and my sister away from such poor judgement.

    I’m sure that 1,000 bikers would have already rode off by now, disgusted that such men even have the audacity to call themselves fathers.

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  5. Remember my Open Letter to The Friend I had to quit: Rip Your Vocal Cords out? I got so much heat on that. I was just being honest. God forbid a person is honest. I had like ten people ask me if it was about them & I was like well I mean if the shoe fits! I agree. I would never do that to Ben. We actually signed a pre-nup with a parenting clause which I urged him to do. Now if the child isn’t safe that’s a whole different ball game & in our agreement that has to be proven not allegations. Do you know how drama free a marriage is when you settle things from the start ? It doesn’t hurt that we are actually a great match ( my MotherDick rants are channeling Ben & Ice Cube) . I’ve seen so many people do this to each other. It’s terrible.

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  6. I don’t hate my ex. We had a long drawn out divorce. During that time I did set up times for him to see his children. If he did, it was maybe 5 minutes tops. Not joking. His excuse he had to leave. As he lived out of town. Yet he would be in town for a week and stop in 5 minutes before having to leave to get on a plane. Both kids have phones and he won’t call them. Just saying not all moms are stopping the father from seeing their kids. Sometimes the father really doesn’t seem to care.

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  7. Good point! I think my mom struggled with this when I was a kid, but eventually we were allowed to see my dad and I think it was really good for us (well for me, maybe not my brother, every child is different!) Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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